Dust is a bothersome collection of waste particles that have settled onto idle surfaces over a long period of time. Most dust particles originate from dead skin cells on the human body. It is unappealing to discover a collection of dust on surfaces in your home, so it is your job to keep it away. Even though dust is an unavoidable burden, here are ways that you can keep your home free of visible dust particles.

  • Wipe all tabletop and desktop surfaces daily. The two locations where dust collection is most visible are your dinner table and your computer desk. Both of these surfaces are located in high-traffic areas of your household, and are used every day. Since you are near them for prolonged periods of time, dust particles originating from your skin cells have a high chance of collecting very quickly. That is why it is important to wipe these surfaces every day, so no visibly significant layer of dust collects on them. It is important to note that computers are susceptible to damage by heavy dust build-up. Keeping your computer desk well-cleaned will ensure minimal collection within your computer
  • Vacuum each room at least once a week. A surprising amount of dust collects in carpet, and in the crevasses of tiled and hardwood floors. Not only is there a high volume of human-produced dust, but there is also a massive collection of dirt particles (tracked in by shoes). It is important to vacuum all floors at least once a week. If a floor goes a prolonged amount of time without vacuuming, dust will be expelled into the air when walked on, which will not fare well in your lungs. Vacuum entranceways and high-traffic hallways twice weekly for added cleanliness.
  • Remove shoes outside or near the entrance door. By not walking shoes onto interior flooring, dirt particles will not be tracked in. Keep dirty shoes away from areas that are normally hard to clean. Store them in shoe trays near the exterior door, so there will be no need to be walking on them within your house.
  • Clean sliding window and door tracks monthly. To keep sliding windows and doors moving smoothly, it is wise to wipe out their tracks on a regular basis. Over time, a substantial amount of dust and dirt particles will be trapped in the track, that would normally ruin the smoothness and performance of the window or door. By removing all foreign debris, your sliding windows and doors will have an extended life, as well as the fact that dust will have been removed from your house.
  • Clean the interiors of your window panes every two weeks. While dust can have trouble sticking to glass alone, condensation and grease buildup will aide dust in attaching itself to your windows. It can take years to build up to a point where it is visible, but you should always clean your windows on a basis of about every two weeks to keep your air quality high, and to prevent dust from spreading from the window to other surfaces in your house.
  • Wash blankets and sheets weekly. For the greater part of the day, beds sit idle, waiting for dust particles to collect and embed themselves in your blankets, sheets, and pillows. Wash all of your sheets and pillowcases at least once a week to keep your bed clean enough to sleep in safely.
  • Clean fan blades frequently. Fans have an extraordinary dust-collecting power. It does not take long for massive clumps to plant themselves on every square inch of your fan's blades. When dusty, fans will be capable of reintroducing dust into the air, endangering your lungs. If you regularly use your fan, then you must regularly clean your fan.
  • Persevere! Keeping your home spotless is an incredible chore, but over time, it will become a part of your daily routine. Soon enough, friends and family will be asking you for tips (you can, of course, point them this way). Remember, you are not only cleaning dust because it is unattractive, but also because it is bad for your health. I hope that my tips have helped you in keeping your home cleaner. Enjoy your rejuvenated, spotless abode!