Acne effects many people and effects them to varying degrees. However, we are all individuals and every person with acne will not gain full control until they have fond the right regime and products that work well for them. Treatments such as laser treatments should be considered a last resort as there are many things you can do and try to ensure you control your acne and not the other way around.

The first step in attacking your acne should be the natural treatments. just the same with any condition it is always best to get it under control naturally rather than chemically. Most natural remedies will involve a wide range of either vitamins or minerals or a combination of the two. The internet is a superb place to find a wide range of natural treatments, although as with any health care product bought on the net you should buy from a reputable seller.If you ensure that you exercise and eat a well balanced diet (garlic is especially good for acne) in combination with the vitamins and minerals you should be well on the way to controlling your acne. As acne is an inflammation/infection of the skin taking foods and vitamins that fight inflammation and infection will fight it.

Ensure that you use an excellent cleansing routine on your face as this is one of most important things you can do to control your acne. The best face products are those which have either exfoliating or anti-bacterial properties as these are best placed to attack the causes of acne. They have the dual effect of removing the dead cells which the acne nourishes from as well as destroying the acne that is already present. If you do this regularly and thoroughly your acne will soon start to disappear. There are so many good acne products that cleanse and exfoliate that it would not be possible to recommend any particular one as being far superior to any other.
Finding what is right will not be easy and you will probably go through much trial and error before you find the right treatment. However, when you do find what works you must have discipline and stick with it for it to work. If you really have tried the natural remedies and better known over the counter products and they are not working then considering either laser treatments or chemical treatments may be necessary. A dermatologist may be able to give you a mild medication which you can use in conjunction with natural remedies. To conclude please recall and remember:

Use Vitamins and Minerals.

Exercise regularly.

Eat healthily

Have a regular disciplined cleansing regime.

Use exfoliating and anti-bacterial cleansers.