Is bacon the greatest type of food ever discovered?

If you answered "no" to that question then stop reading this article and go eat a slice of the delicious pork then come back to this article and try this quiz again. If you answered "yes" to that question, reward yourself with a slice of fried heaven and then keep reading…


Bacon is a popular food, made even more popular by a variety of social media memes (such as a meme where you change one word in a movie title to the word "bacon" – like the movie "Bacon on the 4th of July").

Bacon is such a great food and yet, it's easy to turn a good piece of bacon into a bad slice of gross, burnt crispiness that can turn anyone into the Hulk. Here are some tips to creating the best type of bacon. And note: These tips are for the typical side bacon you can buy at every grocery store. These aren't for back bacon (also called "Canadian bacon" even though Canadians eat just as much "regular" side bacon as everyone else does), or non-pork products that are trying to fool you into thinking they are slices of sizzling goodness.

1. Cook it Correctly

There are 3 ways to cook bacon well: You could bake it in the oven, you can fry it on the stove top (surprising hint: use water for extra awesomeness!), and you can cook it in the microwave (yes, it will still come out extremely delicious). The stove top is the messiest way to cook it but you also have the most control.


2. Buy the Right Bacon

Don't buy lean bacon. It's the fat that holds all the magic. It's the reason that bacon shrinks down so much when it cooks – because the fat turns into liquid and bacon fries in its own delicious, fatty juices. Lean bacon won't cook as well and you might end up having to add oil! Beside, buying lean bacon is like owning a 4 cylinder Mustang: Mostly pointless.


3. Stop the Burning

Bacon continues to cook for a minute or two after you remove it from the heat. So if you like a certain level of crispiness, remove it from the heat just before it achieves that level of crispiness. It will continue to gleefully fry for a moment longer and achieve the level that you want.


4. Keep it Manageable

Slice it in half before you cook it (not lengthwise!). This makes it easier to manage and easier to eat (plus it creates a neat little pile of bacon on everyone's plate and they'll all think you have a bacon tree growing in the back yard.

5. Remove the Grease

Put the bacon on a paper towel after you remove it from the heat source in order to absorb the grease, and then dab with another paper towel. Resist the temptation to suck on the paper towel when you are finished.

On a 10-point scale of deliciousness, bacon easily rates 11 or 12 and with these 4 tips, you can cook great bacon that will have all of the people at your table begging to name their children after you if you would only cook one extra slice for them.