How to Cook Egg in 5 Quick, Easy Steps!!!

A healthy low-fat recipe without the use of cooking oil.

A simple, quick recipe that I discovered while experimenting with breakfast. I was in a hurry to find something quick to eat. I cracked my egg in a bowl and stuck the egg mixture in the microwave oven for a couple of minutes, I came back and I found it was ready to eat. This came as a surprise to me as it looked cooked and I ended up enjoying it. Who would have guessed that such an experiment could taste so good and have such a great turnout like this? However, it is now up to you, my dear readers, to decide and give me your judgement.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the quick, easy recipe to making low-fat egg and simplifying breakfast.

You will need

A Microwave proof bowl. This if for the cooking. The microwave proof bowl is what the cooking of the eggs will take place in.

3 Large Eggs

A Decent Microwave Oven, If you don't own one, this can easily be found in most electronic stores.

Any extra ingredients you add to your egg e.g. Carrots, Cheese, Chicken, Ham, Spices etc.

A Plate to serve the cooked egg.

A Fork, or something to beat the mixture with.

Step 1

Gather all ingredients. This may include the use of cheese, spices, ham etc 

Step 2

Mix all ingredients you need in the microwave proof bowl. Make sure the mixture is well beaten. 

Step 3

Put the mixture in the Microwave Oven and allow the mixture to cook for 1 to 4 mins.

Step 4

Serve as you would like on the serving plate. The eggs are best served and eaten while hot. Although it is delicious when hot, it can also be served cold and be delicious in almost equal measure. 

Step 5

Enjoy your low-fat, quick and easy Eggs!!


(Lastly, I would just like to say that I am not responsible for any problems this recipe may cause. I have trialed and tested it countless times with no faults whatsoever. I would like to state in advance that if any problems occur and persist, you must seek the medical advice of a trustworthy, respected, doctor).

I thank you for taking your time in reading this guide and I hope you can follow my future articles and help and support me by clicking my ads.