Special Christmas Recipe

Well, christmas recipes is not only wake your mood of celebration but also put an extra mileage to your christmas celebration. It adds extra potential and flavor to your meals and foods of christmas eve parties. Many of us usually follow common methodologies of baking christmas recipes but actually the way we follow is outdated. Firstly don’t ring to any eating out places, just bake yourself at home if you really want to enjoy christmas meals. As the food cook by own hands is always on the top. So, follow different types recipes and xmas meals magazines from where you can get an idea how best you can cook your xmas recipe. In our European side, people generally follow the diet of non vegetarian that includes chicken recipes. Chicken is among the most favorable, demanded and versatile meal that widely available during christmas time. Well, there are various methods to cook a chicken may be in half roasted or full roasted, is always remained delicious and find proud to serve it. 

If you want to add unique flavor and taste to your roasted chicken then you must know how to use seasonings and spices in order to roast with unique flavor. Well, for me is an interesting cooking as I have well prepared with how to use different seasonings along with vegetables in order to serve world’s best roasted chicken. The process of marinade is an important task before roasting chicken. If your marinate is ok and well prepared then you will find somewhere success in cooking delicious chicken.

Here I introduce you with my favorite recipe of chicken roast in an extremely Indonesian trend. Be sure that all ingredients should be in same quantity and must be put in the same pattern otherwise you will lose South East Asian Flavor (Tropical Chicken Roast) that what I don’t want from your side. As this flavor will brings you cheers on your face.         

Ingredients as follow:

1 chicken with 4 table spoon of butter melted,
3 table spoon of soy sauce,
2 French shallots / spring onions,
1 clove of garlic to add spicy flavor to your recipe,
2 red chilies definitely for spicy food,
1 table spoon of peppercorns
1 table spoon of palm sugar
1 table spoon of salt
2 table spoon of tamarind paste that should be dissolve with 30 ml of water
1 table spoon of shrimp paste
1 table spoon of lime juice

How to Cook:

1. Cut your chicken into 5 or 6 pieces.
2. Blend the remaining above ingredients except soy sauce and melted butter in a well enough food processor until get smooth.
3. After it mix the paste with the soy sauce and melted butter.   
4. Coat the chicken well with the above seasonings and marinate it for 3 hours, here you can use refrigerator for overnight. 
5. Get your oven on heat, put your marinated chicken to the over proof dish where you can cover it with aluminum foil.  
6. Take a minimum of 60 to 90 minutes for roasting chicken. After / on every two minutes turn the sides of chicken and keep on marinate it. On the last 10 minutes, get open your chicken from foil paper in order to keep on dry.
7. Here for decoration you can use sprinkle with chopped parsley and t hen finally serve with hot rice.