Cooking steaks on the stove top is a common practice for people who don't have access to a grill. There are certain techniques to cooking a steak on the stove that apply to different cuts of meat. These techniques are dependent on the fat concentration and marbling of the steak.

Things You Will Need

You will obviously need a ribeye steak, a cast iron skillet, and a pan for the oven.

Step 1

Preparing the steak.

You will have to prepare your steak first. That may entail seasoning it with a rub or simply using salt and pepper. Marinades will tend to cause a lot of smoke, so if you are sensitive or have a sensitive smoke alarm, you should be careful with these. Dry rubs are good but you may not get the full flavor out of them since we are not grilling. I like the simple seasonings salt and pepper. I like to sprinkle some salt and pepper on each side, but not too much so that the natural flavor is still present.

Step 2

The skillet.

This step is similar to preparing a sirloin steak on the stove. The difference is that due to a ribeye's higher fat concentration, we will be using less time on the stove. You want to heat the stove to high, and make sure the skillet is also very hot. Spray some olive oil or spam to make sure the steak does not stick. Place the steak onto the skillet and you will hear a sizzling sound. We are going to sear the steak for a little bit on each side. Depending on how well you want it done, about two minutes a side is good for medium.

Step 3

Using the oven.

I know I said this was a guide to using the stove to cook steaks, but this is just an additional step. There will be more smoke from a ribeye than a sirloin steak because of the fat. You can still cook the entire steak on the stove by doing two minutes, flipping it to the other side and another two minutes. After the first four minutes (total of two minutes a side) you should only due one minute a side until the steak is to your liking. This will help you gauge the steak and not burn it.

If the smoke is too much for you, pre-heat the oven to 350 F. After you do 2 minutes on each side, take the steak and wrap it in foil. Place the steak in the oven for another minute or 2. This will cook the steak more, but not cause it to smoke as much. This time table is for steaks aiming to be medium.
This guide is how to cook a ribeye steak on the stove top. The times are not exact, but are open to modification depending on the thickness of your steak. The thickness places a large role in how long the center takes to cook. If you want to cook the steak faster, you could cut it in half. It is best to do the cutting before you start cooking so the juices will be sealed in each separate piece.

Tips & Warnings