Everyone lies, and you can overcome it!

No one living person, while rather capable of it, will ever need a reason to lie, and they only do so when they feel guilty! They know what they've done, and they feel just as bad as you do, but they just try to compensate to try to revel the guilt, but it only makes things worse. Quit while you're ahead!

Word of Advice: Be honest in the first place, and remember that you have your best judgment. Use that better judgment! The best way to keep from having to lie is to do what you know is right via the proper authority. If you must do a questionable thing, then let the other parties know that you are sorry, but you weren't responsible for the situation.

It is better to make peace with your conscious, and to let bygones be bygones. Arguments, especially between two liars is a tragic outcome between two people who couldn't face their shame, even though they both are guilty. If someone tells you a lie, then please shrug it off and just let it go.

I know that being lied to hurts, and it will induce feelings of fear, anger, frustration, and even provoke the thoughts of some sort of physical or mental harm! Well, I'm begging you just remember that liars are just hitting a low weak-point, and that they need help and not being destroyed, you will remember a time when you needed help. Help your friend or loved one, as that's really all they are asking! They are often too afraid to tell the truth, because even though we tell them that they can tell us anything, they are too ashamed to let it out!

Let your liar know that you will help them, and that you just want to know the truth. They may not like the response they get, but at least you can figure out what they were lying about, and what you need to do to help! Do your best to help them straighten things out, and to reverse the damage. Help this person pick themselves back-up, including helping them rebuild their self-esteem and reputation! You would be doing the most honorable job to help get millions of lives around the world get back on track, whether intentionally or whether indirectly!

We all lie, so why not admit to it so that we will are able to focus on what's important, rebuilding our very foundations that we broke down when we lied! Lying is the dirtiest trick in the book, you don't have to lie, so please, give advice to your friends and family on how you dealt with your guilt, how you rebuilt relationships, and how you ultimately became a better personal overall.