Common Reaction to Dubstep

So you've had the misfortune of having people around you succumb to the horrible sounds of dubstep? You poor thing. But don't fret - life isn't over just yet. There are ways to help you cope with your situation, and perhaps even make it bearable.

Trust me, I've been there myself - losing all hope and not knowing what to do. But tired of the horrible situation, I decided to take action, and came up with a series of ways through which you can lessen, or even remove, the plague of dubstep that surrounds you.

There are two different ways you can choose to deal with the terror of dubstep- the preventive or the reactive way. You can either choose to prevent the bad situation (i.e. make the dubstep go away), or choose to react to it, perhaps by cutting your ears off (although that is not particularly advisable as it may have some rather undesired consequences).

The Preventive Solution

Heal Your Friends

Someone who has fallen victim to the curse of dubstep isn't necessarily beyond help. Sometimes, they can be treated, and perhaps even cured. So if your friend listens to dubstep, have faith! You could still save their soul.

The first step to helping your friend is to make him aware of the problem. This may seem like an unnecessary step, but oftentimes the victim has no idea that what he is doing is harmful for himself and others. Surprisingly, it's not uncommon for those who listen to dubstep to actually enjoy it, and believe that there is nothing wrong with what they're doing.

You can make them aware of the problem by having an intervention, where you gather the victim's friends and family to help him see the problem more clearly.

Once the victim is aware of the situation, he can finally get the help he needs. There are many programs out there designed to help those who suffer from dubstep, and with the will to quit, the victim has the chance to fully recover and be reintegrated into society.

Abandon The Lost Causes

Of course, in many cases the disease has progressed too far for the sufferer to be saved. These people are lost causes, who simply cannot be saved. You can easily recognize these lost causes from their unwillingness to make a change, or even realize there is a problem.

When dealing with such cases, there is generally only one thing to do; letting go. As hard as that may be - especially if the victim is a close friend or family member - there is nothing else you can do. They are lost causes, who simply cannot be saved. And if left in your life, their affliction will continue to poison your environment, spreading the plague of dubstep even further.

Do the right thing; let go.

The Reactive Solution

Sometimes, however, you will find yourself unable to get away from the plague of dubstep. If this is the case, then I have nothing but sympathy for you, you poor thing. But although it may not seem like it at the time, there are ways to deal with the situation.

Using Ear Plugs

So your friends are playing dubstep songs in your close vicinity, and there is nothing you can do about it? Sounds like you're in quite a pickle there, having to choose between fleeing the scene or suffering through this painful torture. This is exactly the kind of situation where you can implement the proven method of using good old fashioned ear plugs.

Since the awfulness of dubstep has to reach inside your ears in order to cause you pain, ear plugs have proven highly effective at reducing the suffering caused by this menace. Therefore, it is advisable for anyone who stands any risk of being exposed to this sound abuse to carry a pair of ear plugs with them at all times.

Learning To Filter It Out

Another important aspect of dealing with dubstep is to learn to filter it out. Although this may seem impossible, it can be done quite easily after a lot of hard training.


These are the more preferable ways of dealing with the problem of dubstep. And if all else fails (and you have fully explored, understood, and rejected the option of making yourself permanently deaf) you could always surrender your soul and give in to the plague of dubstep yourself. However, this should only be viewed as the very last way out, only to be taken once every other solution has been thoroughly tested.