The Studio Buiding in the CastleVille Video Game

The CastleVille video game by Zynga on Facebook offers many different crafting options. One of the buildings you can use for crafting is the studio. Once you build a studio you’ll be able to craft items such as cotton thread, a candle, a silver ingot, a wishing well, and many more unique items for your game. Many of these items are used to make other game items or in the building of structures. Once you have the studio built, be sure to plant plenty of cotton crops as you’ll use this crop the most for your studio crafting projects in the video game.

You should build an additional studiosin this game up to the maximum of three structures. This will give you more buildings to craft with and keep your production at the levels you need for your game items. In the beginning you'll craft plenty of cotton thread, and cloth since this is needed for many of the early castle buildings. Sheep will provide you with the wool you need as well so be sure to have plenty of adult sheep in your kingdom. You can also ask your friends for some items such as cotton thread if you are running low on this item. Always check the recipe and then collect the items you need to start crafting in CastleVille.

Using The Studio in the Game

In CastleVille the studio is a very important building like the workshop and kitchen for crafting recipes. Each recipe requires parts to complete it and  that recipe helps you complete other items such as a new building or another item in the game. Put your mouse cursor over and item in ther studio you wish to build and the game will tell you where to find those items. For example if you click on "cotton thread" the game will tell you that you need to harvest cotton to make thread so you'll need to plant crops and collect them to make the thread. Do this for each new item you want to cradft and you'll find everything you need to begin crafting the item in the CastleVille video game on Facebook.

  • Bedding  (Requires 1 cotton cloth, 1 cotton thread, 3 down feather, 10 reputation)
  • Bottle of Ink  (Requires 3 berries, 2 pails of water)
  • Button (Requires 6 animal bones)
  • Candle  (Requires 3 cotton thread, 8 beeswax, 5 reputation)
  • Catapult (Requires Clockmaker)
  • Cloth Apron (Requires  2 cotton cloth, 2 rope)
  • Cog  (Requires Jeweler’s Shop, Clockmaker)
  • Cotton Cloth (Requires 3 cotton thread, 5 reputation)
  • Cotton Leggings (Requires 2 cotton cloth, 1 leather, 3 cotton thread)
  • Cotton thread  (Requires 5 cotton)
  • Crafter Glass (Requires Jeweler’s Shop)
  • Dye Kit (Requires 1 red feather, 1 blue feather, 2 alchemist powder)
  • Fasteners (Requires Clockmaker)
  • Flag (Requires 3 wool cloth, 2 dye kits)
  • Large Banner (Requires  2 cotton cloth, 2 dye kits)
  • Leather (Requires 1 cow hide, 3 flaxseed oil)
  • Leather Apron (Requires 2 leather, 5 Mink oil, 1 rope)
  • Leather Pants (Requires 4 Mink oil, 4 leather)
  • Loom (Requires  8 wood log, 4 wool thread,  5 reputation)
  • Ornate Tapestry (Requires Jeweler’s Shop)
  • Parchment – (Requires  4 wood log, 6 cotton)
  • Practice Dummy (Requires  8 wheat, 2 buttons, 4 wool cloth)
  • Silver Ingot (Requires Jeweler’s Shop)
  • Stained Glass (Requires Clockmaker)
  • Wishing Well (Requires Mining Camp, Clockmaker)
  • Wool Cloth (Requires  5 wool thread)
  • Wool Thread (Requires 3 wool)
  • Wool Tunic (Requires 5 cool cloth, 2 dye kits

Enjoy Playing CastleVille

CastleVille Studio

The crafting element in CastleVille is a fun part of the game and there's plenty of great recipes to make with the studio building and other crafting structures. Enjoy the CastleVille video game on Facebook and look for more updates and guides to this great game soon.

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