Every parent dreams of creating the perfect birthday party for their child, topped off with the perfect cake featuring their child's favorite cartoon character. Parent's spend millions of dollars every year purchasing professional quality children's birthday cakes from cake decorators and bakeries. Even a time poor parent or novice cook can save significant money and yet produce an outstanding birthday cake that their child will remember fondly for years to come by turning a regular cake into the likeness of their children's favorites such as Tinkerbell, Sleeping Beauty, Mickey Mouse or Superman with this collection of cake decorations, candles and accessories.

Cake Tins And Pans In The Shape Of Your Children's Favorite Characters

Just imagine the delight on your child's face on their next birthday when they are presented with a cake that looks just like their favorite cartoon character in front of all of their friends and family. This dream is easier then you may think thanks to the enormous range of character cake tins and pans produced by Wilton and available on Amazon.com. Each of those tins and pans come with detailed cooking and decorating instructions and are made from highly durable aluminium, which helps to ensure that your cake will cook evenly and will taste as good as it looks. With the use of one of those character tins or pans will allow even a cake novice to produce a high quality cake in their very own kitchen, potentially saving hundreds of dollars in buying a similar cake from a professional cake decorator or bakery. With styles ranging from Elmo and his Sesame Street friends, Looney Tunes characters, Disney Princesses, Superheroes and hundreds more, you are almost certain to find a cake tin for your child's favorite cartoon character on Amazon.com

Cake Toppers Depicting Your Child's Favorite Characters

With the use of quality cake toppers, you can pay homage to your child's favorite cartoon characters without needing to make a cake that looks anything like their beloved heroes. Think of all the money you can save by transforming any regular square or circle cake into a work of art by just adding one or more durable figurines to the top of a normal cake. From a simple one character display to an entire set featuring multiple characters portraying a major scene from your child's most beloved movie or fairytale, CharacterCakeDecorations.com features some of the best cake topper sets which are sure to make the perfect addition to your families next birthday celebration.

Character Candles

No matter how simple the birthday cake, it can always be enhanced with the addition of a high quality candle depicting one of your child's heroes. From Spiderman to Tinkerbell, Barbie to Spongebob Squarepants, there is sure to be large, hand painted candle to suit your needs and the tastes of the lucky birthday boy or girl. Many characters have candles that specify the age of the child which adds that extra touch of magic on their special day, telling the whole world that they are a big boy or girl now.

Edible Icing Character Pictures

The easiest way to transform a boring regular cake into the likeness of your child's idol is by adding one of the extensive range of cartoon character edible icing transfers. The entire scene comes in one convenient package, just simply place the icing transfers on top of a regular cake and you are good to go. Manufacturers have produced icing transfers for just about every conceivable cartoon character in history, with popular characters such as Disney Princesses, Tinkerbell and Winnie the Pooh and Friends having multiple designs to suit a variety of different size and themed cakes.

Complete Cake Decorating Sets

Although not as widely available as the other cake decorating options, an increasing range of complete decorating sets to produce an accurate likeness of the desired cartoon character are becoming available. These sets typically consist of toppers, figurines, candles and special colored icing that accurately matches your chosen character. Complete with detailed design and decorating instructions, if available for your specified character are a terrific way to produce a quality birthday cake that your child will remember for years to come.

You can find these cake decorating candle, toppers, tins, accessories and many more terrific ideas on CharacterCakeDecorations.com

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