Have you ever wondered how you can go about starting your very own blog? How about starting a weight loss blog to track your weight loss progress online? There are many people online who write weight loss and healthy living related blogs about their journies to lose weight because of the extra accountability writing a weight loss blog gives you. If you have ever wondered what steps you might need to take to start writing your own blog or how to create a diet weblog then you should definitely follow these easy directions on the process of starting your own weight loss blog.

First, make the decision to create a blog about losing weight. Just because a lot of other people write these blogs about losing weight doesn't mean you have to do the same. Blogging will take up time and effort, just like losing weight, so you need to be prepared for the commitment. If you think starting a blog will help you on your own weightloss journey you can jump into the blogging world with no worries.

Second, begin the journey to lose weight. Or at the very least set yourself up for the process. Do this before you start blogging. You want to build up the exercise habit and eating healthy before you begin blogging (another new habit!). The blogging should be secondary in importance, so it will be secondary in order as well. Since your main goal is weightloss, you should start that first. Take some time to make sure you develop the exercise habit before you begin blogging.

Third, set up your blog. Starting a blog is actually a lot easier technically than you might think. You can find and follow easy instructions on how to create a weight loss blog that will teach you step by step how to set up a nice looking blog on your own domain name. These instructions are easy to follow and guide you through the technical process of setting up a self hosted Wordpress blog on your very own domain. Once you get that out of the way you will be ready to go ahead and start writing in your blog.

Lastly, start blogging. It really is that simple. Once you've created the technical setup for your blog you can begin blogging. You can search online for ways to make your blog better after you start. There is even a guide for new bloggers to create a better weight loss blog that will teach you about using social media and SEO to improve your blog and find more readers. Whatever you decide to do with you blog, remain true to the original reason why you started it - your weight loss. That's the most important element!