Check Endorsement Stamps Simplify Business Accounting

There are a lot of things to consider when running a business. You have employees to train, employee payroll to track and employee records to keep. Often, you can use employee software to make this task easier. Small business software can be a great way to keep track of your continual to-do list to make sure that everything gets done. Part of running a business is writing checks to pay bills and depositing checks made out to the business in the business checking account. If you receive a large majority of your business receivables in the form of a personal check or a business check, you will spend a lot of time endorsing these checks unless you have a check endorsement stamp. These For Deposit Only stamps can save you a tremendous amount of time; with a simple stamp impression, your business check is endorsed and ready for deposit into your business account.

How Do I Endorse A Check Made Out To My Business?

If you are a small business owner with a business bank account, if you haven't already realized it, you will soon realize that it takes a lot of time to endorse checks by hand when making a bank deposit. You will have to write the number of your checking account by hand on the back of the check and then sign your name, or the name of one of the business owners. A great solution to eliminate this inconvenience is to order a check endorsement step online. These check deposit stamps can make quick work out of taking care of your account receivables and create a much more polished and professional look for your business. All that is required to order a check endorsement stamp is to have a business checking account; the rest is a matter of providing the correct information to the business endorsement stamp company.

Can I Order A Business Check Endorsement Stamp Online?

You can order your business check endorsement stamp online or you can order an endorsement stamp at your local bank. You can usually get more bang for your buck when you order these stamps on the internet. There are many companies online that make check endorsement stamps, also known as a "For Deposit Only" stamp. Generally, all that is needed is your business bank account number so that you can fill out the required information when ordering your stamp. The online form that you fill out will contain the information that will be put on your endorsement stamp. Many small business owners are not sure what information should be included on a check endorsement stamp when they place an order. The information that you include on your stamp must be correct, to ensure that the stamp functions correctly. A high quality check endorsement stamps will help streamline the process of making deposits be ensuring that it has the correct information for the bank deposit to be processed correctly.

So What Information Do I Put On My Business Check Endorsement Stamp?

The check endorsement stamp information that you need to include is really quite simple. When ordering your endorsement stamp, you will need to put "PAY TO THE ORDER OF" on the first line of the stamp. On the next line you will add the "NAME OF YOUR BANK". On the following line of the check endorsement stamp, you will add "FOR DEPOSIT ONLY". The next line will need to have the "NAME OF YOUR BUSINESS". On the last line you will put your "BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER". If done correctly, your new check endorsement stamp should look like this:






If you have having difficulty finding your business checking account number, you can look at a business check to get the correct account number. You will see three sets of numbers at the bottom of your check. The first set of numbers, located all the way on the left side of the check is your routing number; you don't need this number. The second set of numbers, in the middle of your check is your actual business bank checking account number. This is the number that will need to be printed at the bottom of your check endorsement stamp in order for the deposits to be routed to your business bank account. Some For Deposit Only stamp companies require you to submit a business check with your stamp order so that they can verify that the account number you have provided is correct. If this is not required, make sure that you double check the numbers for accuracy before you submit your order.

There are plenty of places to obtain a check endorsement stamp for your small business, starting with your bank. While this may not be the cheapest option to order an endorsement stamp, the ordering process can be done easily and conveniently while you are doing your banking. Many people prefer this option because the bank representative already has your account information and can assist you with placing the order. This option is usually expensive, and the endorsement stamp options are limited.

If you decide to look online for a check endorsement stamp, there are several different sizes and types of stamps that are available to choose from. Some of the best check endorsement stamps are self-inking stamps, meaning that they don't need a separate ink pad. Instead, there is a small ink pad contained within the stamp that rotates away from the imprint when the endorsement stamp is being used, and back again when the endorsing is complete. The ink doesn't dry out and the deposit stamp can be stored without getting ink on your things.

Check endorsement stamps add a professional touch to a business, and help ensure the correct processing of payments that are received. They are quick and convenient and allow the individual who is processing payments to move efficiently while ensuring financial accuracy. Once you order a check endorsement stamp, you'll wonder how you ever got along without one.

Check Endorsement Stamp

A Check Endorsement Stamp Can Simplify Accounting