One good afternoon sitting back home playing your favorite video game, there's a sudden thought in your mind – "I can do this even better" , game design might be the perfect answer for your thought. Now the next question that blinks you is how it works? The answer is you should have some basic key skills that would require for designing a game.
Here's a way out:

- All round Programming: if you have really decided to opt for this fun you would better start early. They say game design and programming go hand in hand. Programming is everything you see in a game design and is boiled down to 0s and 1s, the basics of programmers everywhere. If you're great with numbers, better with details, and don't mind spending long hours staring at a computer screen looking for a missing line of code, programming is a great place for you in video game design. For all this you need a through knowledge of various languages eg: c++, java, vb etc. if you think u have all this skills then u not far from achieving your goal of game deign.

- Story writing/ game theory: Now stop sharing your stories with your friend's jus by talking it out start your way through game design. There are people whose job or interest is to write a story and creating ideas for a game. So if you great at this, then stop thinking and take a pen and paper and start scratching. But one imp thing is you might feel this sounds simple but its not so, there's just as much schooling to story writing or brainstorming ideas in video game design as coding. You must have a decent degree in creative writing or English. You will be writing dialogue, script and concepts for a massive world with hours of interaction. You'd better have a decent idea of how you're going to do that.

- Character drawing: animation is one thing in game design. If you have a decent knowledge of computer animation and drawing then u can opt for character drawing or animation. Computer Animation requires not only the technical expertise of a programmer, but the visual, artistic mastery of a story writer or sketch artist.

If you're capable of writing a good story, drawing a decent picture, or remembering vast strings of numbers, you can find a job in game design. It's all about where you'll best fit in.