How to Have a Blog Site: Create Blog Account

The first thing you'll need to do is to create a blog account. There are several free blogs including blogger by Google and Wordpress. Both of these blogs have their own sets of features so be sure to check out each one before making up your mind or look online at the many various sites where you can create a blog account. Once you have an account you’ll need to come up with a good blog name which should typically be what your blog is about. If you can’t ge the exact name try to get something similar and if you can afford it you should get a full domain name for your blog but this isn’t required for first time users but it’s something to think about.

Create a Blog Layout

Many blog hosting programs such as Blogger come with various templates that are suitable for your blog. You can change colors, backgrounds, and the color of your links as well as other features. Templates will help you get your blog looking just the way you want it to. You’ll have the options of adding in many different applets such as a link list, HTML/Script, polls, and other features that will make your blog stand out. Templates are easy to try out and you can experiment with various images, colors and setting until you get the look that you want. At any time you can go back and change features until your blog looks just perfect. The best part is many of these blogging sites make this process very simple and you don’t need any special training or computer programming experience just some basic knowledge.

Blog Posting

The bulk of your time will be posting new articles and information on your blog. You should aim to do this several times each day if you have the time. Blogs that are constantly updated will become more popular over time. If you never post anything to your blog, visitors won’t have anything to get excited about. Try adding in some images and videos to make your blog more exciting to your visitors. Use the applet features of free blogs and add new content to keep the blog fresh for your users. Be sure to respond to blog comments as soon as you can to answer your viewer questions.  By using social networking such as Twitter you can advertise you r new blog posts and get some traffic to your site. Social networking is a great way to generate some initial traffic and get people interested about you and your blog. Be sure you keep posting on your blog at least a few times per week or daily if possible since many people will follow a blog on a daily basis and if you don’t update it with fresh content you can potentially lose valuable readership.

You Can Create a Good Blog

Creating a good blog is easy but it’s up to you to keep it fresh and engaging for your readers. Make sure you update your blog on a daily or weekly basis and always look for new ways to keep your blog exciting by adding in things such as blog applets. Once you create a good blog you can enjoy it for years to come and who knows you may even become famous.