New Facebook Feature

FaceBook has a new feature now that is built into your FaceBook profile.  The new feature is called the 'Facebook Timeline'.  This feature allows you to view the events and actions you have done within your Facebook profile over time, in a time-lined display.

 This new Facebook feature, the 'Facebook Timeline' helps provide an interesting visual of all your Facebook activity, beginning from your very first posts!



Adding Your Facebook Profile Picture

& Cover Photo

About Your Facebook Profile Picture

Your Facebook profile picture will be the first thing that people notice and see, when they view your profile.

A lot of times when searching for a profile on Facebook you can find many people with the same names in the people search results.  Your profile photo will help make you more recognizable and easier to find in the Facebook search results.


How To Add Your Facebook Profile Picture

You can add your picture by clicking on the pencil icon next to 'edit your picture'.

This will allow you to upload an existing photo from your computer to your Facebook account.

You can also add a photo that is already uploaded onto your Facebook account.

After you have chosen a photo for your Facebook profile, you will need to edit your profile photo's thumbnail image.  This thumbnail image is what other Facebook users will see when they search for your profile, read your Facebook comments, and visit your Facebook profile page.

You should edit your profile thumbnail so that the image is clear and easy to recognize.


How to add your Facebook cover photo

Your Facebook cover photo will be like a banner that goes across the top of your Facebook profile.  This cover photo is used to add an extra flare to your Facebook profile.  You can choose whatever you like.  Some people select a landscape background, some choose a group photo, a logo, a drawing, or some kind of wallpaper art to add.  Feel free to make your profile more creative by adding a nice photo here. 

To add your Facebook cover photo, goto your Facebook timeline, than click 'Add a Cover' and upload a photo of your choosing.  Once you have selected the photo you want to use for your Facebook cover, select 'Save'.


Adding Your Interest to Your FaceBook Profile

Facebook allows you quick and easy ways to add your different interests to your profile, such as: movies, books, and hobbies.

Each Facebook profile has a section called 'Favorites'.  The Favorites section in your profile is where you can easily add things to describe your likes within your profile.   To do this, you click on the "+" icon in the desired section under Favorites.  From there you can type in and search for something to add, like the name of a movie, book, or location.


Adding Your Basic Profile Information

Adding the basics

The basic information displayed on your Facebook profile is what most people will see who do not have access to your full Facebook account, because they are not added to your Facebook friend's list.

The basic information displayed under your basic profile information are things such as: Work and Education, Your Current City, and Your Hometown.

This basic information is used by other Facebook users when searching profiles to verify if they have found the correct profile or not.

You can also add a brief description, or however long you'd like about yourself.  This will help people who don't know you get a little insight and understanding to who you are.  You can even add some fun and interesting facts about yourself that even your friends might not know.

Underneath the "About Me" section within your basic profile description you can add your birthdate, sex, and different ways people can contact you.  People tend to use the contact section for things like mobile phone number, email address, personal websites, and social networking websites they may be apart of.


Choose a name

This is what people are going to see when they see profile search results.  Depending on what your profile is used for, either business or personal, choose an appropriate name for it here in this section.  You can also abbreviate the name you have by adding in an alternate name.

You can add your alternate name to your profile by going to: Account Settings > Name (Edit)


Sharing Events on Your Facebook Timeline

Your Facebook timeline is kind of like a brief history of important and interesting events that has happened in your life.  Sharing events on your Facebook timeline helps people know some more about your life and things you have done.  Feel free to share some important moments here like: wedding, graduation, moving to a new city or country, and concerts you have attended.

You can add a status or a photo to your Facebook timeline.  It's up to you on how you want to present your timeline events. 

If you have friends added to your Facebook profile who were apart of the event on your Facebook timeline, you can add their profile to it by tagging their name.  You can also customize the date, name, and location of the Timeline event.

Remember, have fun with it!



Facebook has become the dominating social networking platform around the world.

There are many ways to customize your Facebook profile.  The options may seem daunting at first if you are new to it, but take each section one at a time and you'll find it to be easier than what you thought.

Do you have a Facebook profile?  How do you make your profile stand out from the rest?



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