Setting up and planning the look of your outdoor Easter decoration display is much the same as the process of planning your outdoor Christmas display.  Just as with a Christmas display, you would want to incorporate different items that represent the themes of the season.  Some of these items may include: Easter crosses, Easter bunnies, lambs or sheep, Easter eggs, Easter string lights and lighted shapes and messages.


Incorporating crosses into your Easter display is perhaps the most direct way to represent the true meaning of the Easter holiday.  Individuals and churches will often display a set of three crosses (representing the crosses on which Jesus and the two criminals were crucified), many times as much as 8 feet or more in height with the center one being the tallest.  These Easter crosses may be constructed with nominal 4” x 4” or 2” x 4” lumber or even smaller depending on the size and height you are looking for.  The crosses can also be adorned with purple and or white fabric sashes.  A single cross by itself also does a very nice job representing the season with lesser work.  You may decide to leave your Easter crosses as plain wood or to wrap them with a few strands of white lights which can be purchased year round as decoration at many department stores as well as at Christmas time.


Easter bunnies will add a festive spring time atmosphere to your Easter display. You can include Easter bunnies into your outdoor display that are lighted wire frames, blow molds, airblowns and even as wood carved cutouts.  Be sure to properly stake down your lighted Easter bunny blow mold figures as well as your other Easter blow molds.


Lambs or sheep may also be used in your display to add a meaningful representation.  As Jesus is the lamb of God sent to be a sacrifice to save all, it would be appropriate to include lambs and sheep in your outdoor Easter display.  Perhaps one of the easier ways to procure lamb and sheep figures for your display is to look at outdoor nativity sets.  Nativity sets that are illuminated such as blow mold sets or curved wood frames will usually feature animal sheep figures that could be borrowed for use in your Easter display.  These figures can easily be purchased during after Christmas clearance sales if they are still available.


Easter eggs are also a familiar and characteristic Easter decoration you can include in your display.  Easter eggs are great representations of new life that emerges in the spring time after a long cold winter.  Easter egg blow molds of small to larger sizes in a variety of classic Easter colors can be found in various home décor and craft stores both physical and online. 


While perhaps not as prevalent as with Christmas, during the Easter holiday, you could hang Easter light strands around your home and create and place lighted shapes and messages.  The string lights are pretty much the same as Christmas or other decorative lights, except that you may stick with light strands that are of the characteristic Easter colors such as: white, yellow, blue, green, and pink.  Just as with an outdoor Christmas display, you can place these lights on your home, trees, shrubs, and where you feel is appropriate and right for your display.  There are different types of lighted Easter decorations which include: Easter crosses, Easter bunnies, and Easter eggs.  You can also get creative and make message displays featuring you own Easter holiday greetings.  These greetings may include: He is risen, Happy Easter, Welcome springtime, Jesus is the reason for the season, or whatever you choose.


You have a lot of options in what to include when setting up your outdoor Easter decoration display.  When planning out your display, don’t forget that the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the true meaning of the celebration.  When buying Easter blow molds, lights, and decorations for your Easter display, some good stores to consider visiting include: Garden Ridge, Kmart, Wal-Mart, and host of many others.  Included in the Resource section below are links to online retailers (who have physical store locations also that may be near your home) who have very good selections of lighted Easter decorations for your outdoor display.



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