If you are into affiliate marketing and thinking of ways to make a good income out of promoting affiliate products, one of a good way is to create a niche site promoting that particular product.

Creating a profitable niche site is not that complicated and there's a process that most successful online marketers use. Some of the methods shared here require a bit of learning curve and a bit of investment to get started but it'll be worth it once you get your niche site up and seeing those affiliate commissions coming in!

The 8-Steps Process Of Creating Profitable Niche Sites

Step 1: Researching For Product Offers

To get profit fast, you would definitely need to find products that are high in demand. A good place to start for most affiliate marketers would be Clickbank and there are other alternatives like PayDotCom, E-junkie or even Amazon.com for you to find your products.

If you are onto Clickbank, you can start off with:

  • a category that could be familiar to you (you do not need to be an expert on the topic) then
  • find a product that's high in Gravity - go for 10. (this is an indicator on Clickbank of the number of affiliates are promoting this)
  • be comfortable with the salesletter
  • attractive comission rates (preferably one that's pay above $30 - this will cover most of your initial costs with a single sale)
  • have consistent good amount traffic going over to that site (use Compete.com)

Step 2: Researching For Keywords

Once you have chosen your affiliate product, it's time to get busy - researching for related keywords. You can use Google Keyword Tool (it's free) to do your research using the site link to extract your keywords.

Your main aim of the research is to narrow and extract 10 keywords that relate most to the affiliate product. Another factor that you need to note is that these keywords have under 50,000 competing pages on the search engine. This process would require a bit of your time.

Step 3: Get Domain, Get Hosting, Get A WordPress Blog

- Get Domain Name

Once you have your 10 keywords, choose one of the keywords that's most significant and create a domain name out of it. You can choose to use Namecheap.com or GoDaddy.com to register your domain name.

Even if your desired domain name is already taken up, you can still use the other 9 keywords to extract out domain names. You can be flexible and do up a bit of variations to the domain name and extension.

- Get Hosting

Highly recommended site to get your hosting would be Hostgator.com. If you are committed and serious about your affiliate marketing business, Hostgator.com will serve you and your niche sites well.

- Do Up A WordPress Blog

A WordPress Blog is better because you can install it straight from your hosting account in a few simple steps. And a WordPress Blog is better because you can easily upload WordPress Themes (most of themn are free) to differentiate your site from others. There are some various WordPress Plugins that are not available for other platforms that you can use to boost your site rankings.

Step 4: Get An Autoresponder

Some visitors will not buy your affiliate products straight after landing onto your blog. They will need more information and persuasion. Therefore you will need an Autoresponder. You will get many benefits out of having it:

  • Capture their email address and Presell your affiliate product the moment your visitor lands on your blog
  • Do follow-ups and present to them different information that will convince them to make the purchase

You may need to craft up to 15 emails depending on the nature of the products that you are promoting. And to help you to craft up - you can always use those Q&As site like Yahoo! Answers to help you along.

Remember, your aim of the follow-ups is to provide bit more information that your visitors will need and appreciate. Only at the end of the email is the affiliate link they would need to click to get all the information they need.

Some of the good autoresponders service would include Aweber, GetResponse and iContact.

Step 5: Creating Articles

You will need to create 10 different articles out from the 10 keywords that you have extracted earlier on. These articles would help to present your blog as a resource site to the affiliate product. Once you are done with them, have them uploaded onto your WordPress Blog.

You may wish to upload these articles one by one to let Google know that you are creating a resource site from scratch.

Step 6: Getting Free Traffic

One good way of getting free traffic to your WordPress Blog is to do article marketing on article directories and web 2.o sites like Infobarrel, Hubpages and Squidoo.

Do up a few variations fron the initial 10 articles and have them uploaded to these sites. Your author resource box would be the best place to place a link back to your niche site and to each individual article. Remember not to include your affiliate link here.

Step 7: Outsource

If you have the available resources, it's always good to outsource, especially writing the articles. The average cost to outsource these article writing would range from $2 to $50 per piece depending on the location of these writers and their qualifications.

Some of the sites to check out would be Craiglist.org and GetAFreelancer.com

Step 8: Do It Once And Be In Control

Even if you have the resources available, it's always good to create your first profitable niche site on your own. At least you get to know and understand the whole process. Once you get a hang of it and your niche site is bringing the profits, it's only then you can safely leave the creation of other niche sites to others and be in control!