With the drastic increase in natural disasters over the last 20 years, any wise informed individual is beginning to prepare for disaster. Especially with the 2012 rumors of world catastrophe events to come on December 21 2012, it would wise to prepare to have what you need to survive with out the system. If the system went down today, would you have enough food and water to survive any amount of time. If you do have food and water do you have a way to protect it from those who did not prepare, but are hungry and looking to take from anyone, what they don't have but need. If rumors turn out to be true of the 2012 phenomenon than, wouldn't you rather "have and not need, than need and not have. One great skill to have knowledge of is creating a signal. This knowledge can be the determining factor of whether you live or die.

So your stranded in the wilderness and need a way to signal for help, and to give your location to potential rescuers. Fire creates the best signal. Begin by picking a location. Create three fires in a triangle outline. This can be seen from the air and will be recognized as a symbol of distress. You don't want your potential rescuers thinking its just a regular campfire. Make sure the location of your fire is in a open area, you don't want to cause a forest fire. If at all possible, have some water close by. If there is a tree isolated in your area, than create a tree torch by setting the tree on fire. At night the light from the fire will attract rescuers, during the day, the smoke will attract the rescuers. Add grass, evergreen bough, or green kindling to keep it burning.

Also, use a mirror to reflect the sunlight so you can flash the S-O-S symbol at a low flying aircraft. Hang a bright coat or scarf from a tall tree or arrange clothing on the ground to draw attention. Always carry a flash light which could also be used as a signal. Creativity is the key.