If you're getting into health and fitness, then one of the most productive things you can do to encourage your rate of success is to set up some kind of workout routine so you can have an idea of what you're trying to accomplish and what works for you and what doesn't.

To often when trying to create a workout routine we just adopt that of someone else, which is understandable if you're completely new to health, fitness, and working out to get and stay in shape for life. However, it's always best for you to set up some kind of workout routine based on your own personal needs. Everyone is different, so there may be some things you might want to consider before you just adopt the workout routine of someone else.


These are a few of the things to consider before setting up a workout routine:

1. Are you working out at home or are you planning on joining a gym?

2. Will you have a buddy with you when you workout or will you be going at it alone?

3. What are your goals? Do you intend on gaining more muscle, losing excess amounts of fat, or a combination of both?

4. If you intend to build more muscle, are you trying to bulk-up like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger or are you going for that Brad Pitt in Fight Club muscular look?

5. Do you have any medical issues that you need to consider before setting up a workout routine with strenuous exercises?

These are just a few of the things you might want to consider before creating a workout routine. They're important because they help you to define what exactly it is you want to accomplish, and then you can work your way back to see what it is that you have to do to get the health and fitness results that you want.


Now that you've decided on what your goals are, let's start with some basics. I would definitely try to get some kind of exercise in just about everyday, even if only for 20 minutes on some days. The idea is to get yourself into the habit of working out everyday since when you're just getting started sometimes it can take a bit of motivation to keep at it. So consider this when creating your work out routine.

Since I'm more of a gym and weights kind of guy, this will be the focus for this portion of the article.

A good workout routine should contain a lot of diversity. Since I use weights, I like to target certain muscles on certain days. Once again, everyone enjoys different things, so you'll have to experiment at first, but if you're planning on doing weight-lifting to build and tone muscles, variety is essential.

Strength-Training Workout Routine Example:

I go to the gym about three to four days out of the week and target various muscle groups. For instance, on the first day I'll tackle shoulders and legs that day. I perform two to three different exercises for those muscle groups, and use heavy weights and low reps. This usually takes me anywhere between 45 minutes to one hour.

The second gym day is chest and triceps. The same thing applies here in that I usually do two to three exercises for these muscle groups. I use heavier weights and go for a lower rep count because my goal is to increase strength. Heavier weights are best for strength training. This takes anywhere between 45 minutes to one hour.

The third day is back and biceps. Again, I usually do two to three exercises for each group, and use heavier weights and low reps to increase my strength. This takes anywhere between 45 minutes to one hour.

Day four in the gym is all about doing some abdominal work and getting some kind of intense cardio in there such as HIIT cycling. The other days may include anything from walking, running, or doing something fun and outdoorsy. The most important thing is to have fun and get moving.

My workout routine may look something like this most weeks:

Monday – shoulders, legs

Tuesday – chest, triceps

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – back, biceps

Friday – abs, cycling

Saturday – walking, running

Sunday – rest or outdoor activity

As I've said before, depending on your goals, your working routine may need to be different. It took me awhile to finally settle on the right one for me, as I'm not a suicide cardio kind of guy. I prefer some cardio and a lot of strength training. So give yourself the freedom to experiment and see what will work for you when creating a workout routine.

Final Tips:

If you're planning on doing some strength training, be sure to take a buddy with you or to have some people around in the event you need some assistance. It's important to go about these things intelligently as to avoid unnecessary injury.

Another tip, music is a must for me. I love to carry my iPod shuffle and workout. A good playlist will really help you to get into that motivated mood to workout and get fit.

Lastly, remember to warm up before your exercises. Whether that means you start with some light weights or you do a short 5 minute jog on the treadmill, it doesn't matter. But warming up helps to get your blood flowing, your muscles ready, and to lessen the chance of an injury.

Just remember to have fun, experiment with it, and do what works for you. Good luck!