When presenting products on display for sale in a market, shop or showroom setting, make sure they are set and placed in a neat, orderly fashion on display racks, tables and shelves.  For example, in a clothing store if shirts are unfolded, lying messily on top of one another, many folks would not even bother to dig through to see if there is something they like.  If the products even appear to be put carelessly into place, potential customers may not even take a second look.  Also an untidy, dusty or dirty display can turn off customers.  If you are shopping in a grocery store and the floors had not been swept or mopped, and rotten fruits and vegetables were lying in the produce racks because they had not been cleaned out, would you want to shop there?  Neatness and cleanliness of the product display area is the best first impression that given to a potential customer.


When displaying your products for sale, make sure to group the products by type and category to avoid having a jumbled appearance.  For example, if you were selling second hand goods, you would not have toasters and microwave ovens with textbooks or clothing.   Having a nicely organized appearance of your products will help to allow customers to easily move from one area to another to fully grasp and see what products are available and more quickly determine if they are what he or she is looking for.


If you are selling different products and have many units in stock, limit the amount that is on the display floor to create a less cluttered environment and allow more space for the customer to look and shop.  This also allows for the accommodation of more customers to comfortably look and shop on the display floor.  Try to have at least one of every product you have in stock on display so the customers will know that you have it so they can buy it from you and not go elsewhere.  If not possible to have every product on display, it’s a good idea to place up helpful signs to let the customers know more products are in stock and that an associate would be glad to assist them.


Let prices for all products be clearly seen by the customer to simplify the buying process and cause less confusion.  Also make very clear to the customer through signs or through sales associates when any discounts or sales are taking place.


Be available to serve and answer any customer questions, but let your attractive sales display speak for your products.  Having an attractive sales display will speak volumes to potential customers and help greatly in selling products.