Monitoring Your Adsense Earnings And Progress With An Adsense Journal

Google Adsense is one of the easiest way and a good online monetization program for most Content Publishers.

The only issue with Google Adsense is about the inconsistent earnings you may get for your web pages the range of earnings is around $0.01 to around $10+ (and above) per click. For some Beginners they may even nothing even though they have good contents to start with.

Therefore if you are interested in boosting your Google Adsense Earnings and possibly making a passive income out from it, one good way is to monitor your progress by starting an Adsense Journal today.

If you are into the habit of maintaining this Adsense Journal, you can easily replicate your success to other alternatives to Google Adsense or even to your online marketing efforts.

Before You  Get Started With Your Adsense Journal, Please Make Sure You Have Done This:

  1. An Approved Google Adsense Account (which most beginners can get it when they have a Blogger account and a few blog posts on it)
  2. The Ability To Create Custom Channels For Your Adsense Ads
  3. A Google Analytics Account
  4. Understanding The Stats Of Your Traffic Received And Visitors Behavior Provided Under Your Google Analytics Account Generated By Your Adsense Ads
  5. A Good Understanding Of Your Web Pages (The nature of content and your targeted keywords)
  6. Understand The Concept Behind And The Application Of A/B Split-Testing For Your Adsense Ads

Once you are ready with the above, you can start on your Adsense Journal...

How To Get Started With An Adsense Journal

A good example of an Adsense Journal would include details that you can input and keep track like:

  1. Page Impressions (preferably doing a one-week range)
  2. Total Clicks Per Day
  3. Page Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  4. Page eCPM
  5. Your Earnings

And your main focus on keeping this Adsense Journal is to ensure that your Page CTR goes higher and so does your Earnings.

What Can Contribute To Higher Page CTRs?

There are a few factors that will contribue to your Page CTRs and they are:

  1. The Looks Of Your Ads - Type, Text Color, Link Color, Background Color, Border Color and even Text Size
  2. Positions Of Your Ads - Where you place your ads make a big different
  3. Your Content - How you optimize your Content, e.g Title and Keywords, are important factors to consider because they influence the type of Ads displayed

How Do You Maintain Your Adsense Journal On A Weekly Basis?

The key pointer of maintaining your Adsense is to know what works better, maintain on it, improve on other areas and finally getting your Page CTRs higher together with your Earnings.

For example, you can work on the looks of your Ads for the first week while the rest of the sites remain the same. You can totally blend the looks of your Ads to fit your content or introduce a color combination that makes your Ads really stand out.

Test them out and see which one works the best for your content.

If your click stats and earnings remain the same then it's an option for you to choose which one you would like to keep for your site. Or you can introduce another Ad Type (or Size) to test out.

There can be many ways to test out the looks of your Ads, that's why you need to document it down on your Adsense Journal to know what really works.

Do this for a week.

Once you have the results, compare the results obtained from the start to the end of the week to have a better understanding.

Once you have made up your mind which factors to remain the same, you can work on by changing how you place your Ads. A few suggestions can be:

  • A Leaderboard Ad next to the Header Logo
  • A Rectange or Square (Left Aligned) To Your Content, On A Sidebar Or At The Bottom Of The Content
  • Placing Most Of the Ads Above The Fold

Monitor these stats for another week and see what kind of improvements you can get from these few changes!

The next improvement that you can do for your Ads will be on the content itself - for example, crafting a Title Post with your targeted Keyword on it will bring out more relevant ads.

Another trick that I have learned is to place your targeted keyword within your content paragrah and directly underneath the Ads. This will help to bring out more relevant ads as well.

Also monitor this for another week and observe the results obtained.

What Can You Do With Your Adsense Journal After You Have Done Your Testings

Week by week, you will introduce new changes to your Ads and observe the results that you have obtained. When you have gotten a consistent result and you are satisfied with the type of earnings you can generate from Google Adsense - you can rinse and repeat this to other sites and create another source of income.

Do you also know that there are a lot of Content Publishers who are interested in knowing how you manage to do it and they are willing to pay a price just to get the information that you have gotten.

Check them out on Forums and you will know what I mean.

You can also use the tests you have done throughout and apply to other contextual programs and from there you may wish to create another form of journal to monitor your results.

If You Are Not Convinced To Start An Adsense Journal

Starting an Adsense Journal is quite time-consuming and the fact that most people do not do it makes you a different Content Publisher. 

An Adsense Journal also helps you to take note of the different test factors that you can use on your site and also help you to understand what are the useful ones that you can consistently use to apply on other sites!