How To Create Animated Presentation Videos In 3-Easy-Steps!

Creating Animated Video Sales Presentations Is Now As Simple As 1-2-3!

My journey began back at the start of 2012, looking for a way to create a viral video marketing presence for my fledgling country music career. I quickly realized that creating viral videos would be a very good way to go, however the key to going viral or getting noticed in any business and just life in general is to "STAND OUT"!

So in my research for how to create viral videos and "what makes a video go viral" I discovered these animated presentations, with hand drawn pictures, voice overs and pictures that quickly were pushed in and out of the screen.

Apparently this kind of presentation holds a viewers interest up to 378% more than a standard video where we talk or just do a normal presentation. Don't get me wrong, just having a video on your website or using video in other ways to create trust and grow interest and a following is better than no video.

So I decided to workout a way to use animated videos for my music videos and to create animations in my niche to hold viewers attention, stand out and get people talking and that's exactly what I did (keeping in mind that this sought of presentation is completely new in the world of music, and relatively new in the world of business marketing and sales, unless a business has had endless amounts of money to invest in a custom video animation).

Here are 3 steps that I took to create my presentations and a the places that I went to online (after a lot of endless searching) to get results.

Step 1 - Work Out Your Video Presentation Angle, Script & Audio

So in this first step, I created a scripting template to layout my workflow for my presentation, it was nothing hard and I actually modelled it on another video presenation that was really professional and that I really liked.

I went into my word processor and created a table and along the top of the table I had these topics: Slide Number, Vocal & Written Script, Visual Elements

Then I numbered down the left hand number from slide 1 right through to how many it took to create, keepign in mind that 90 words of script equals approximatley 30 second.

I wrote my script out, and then recorded it in Cubase 6, however the free version that everone is using is called Audacity and you can just Google this and it will come up and you can download it, it's very simple to use and with even a mediocre computer microphone you can get some excellent audio results.

I then wanted to put some music to the audio, so I went on the web again and searched for "royalty free music" and there is tonnes of results in there, so with this I put the music track that I downloaded completely free and added it to my script (after editing out the parts I didn't like, however it's better to re-record your vocals until your completely happy).

The reason I made a vocal and written script area with a slide number, is each vocal part is only about 3 to 8 seconds long, so I recorded each part seperately and saved them as an MP3 file, then I added them all together in the final video creation process in the upcoming steps.

Step 2 - Create Your Animated Video

Once you've created your audio recordings and worked out what you're going to add to the video (and we do the audio first so we know exactly how long to render each video animation slide, as each slide has a timer to allow for this).

So the tools that I used to create the video is a combination of Sparkol, Powtoon and Camtasia Studio Pro (and sometimes Adobe Premiere CS6 which takes quite a bit of learning, and you can get by very well with Camtasia Studio Pro).

Here's an example video of what Videoscribe can create...

 Here's an example of Powtoon and what can be created...

My first presentation was a Sparkol "Videoscribe" project, all in all the 3 minute video took me about 3 to 5 hours to complete, including scripting and the service only cost me $50 / month (and Powtoon is similar, it has some subscription options you can look at) which I chose to stay subscribed to, as I did an animated video for my friend in business not long after and charged $1,000 for it... Needless to say, there is a REAL opportunity here to make some great work at home income doing animated videos that look really good for business clients (and $1,000 was at least $500 under any quote this client had been to they told me).

Once you have your video created, you can include music in the actual video and also record your voice in their programs, but I chose to just leave the video with no music and no voice over, and export it as a high resolution video file they have lots of options.

Step 3 - Put The Pieces Together

It's at this stage that I import the video, music and vocal recordings into Camtasia Studio Pro 8, but in this case I used Adobe Premiere, you could use any video editing software you're comfortable with however.

And I added the video to the timeline first, then I added the music clip to play music softly in the background, then lastly, I watched each slide and added the vocal clips to correspond with each part.

This does take some time to put together and isn't the most fun, but the great part about it is, at this stage if you have a multi-part video, like part made in Sparkol, and another part made with Powtoon, you can cut pieces of the video up and blend them into the timeline so it looks really great.

After this, I got my own (or my clients logo in a transparent .png format) this is so we can add it to the timeline and resize it so it shows up in one of the four corners of the video presentation and looks professional.

Don't let any of this scare you, if you need any specialized work done, I use a website called Fiverr, which is a marketplace of basically everything you can have made online for, you guessed it, only five bucks (and some of the gigs, they're called gigs, take more than one fiverr to complete, however the max I've ever needed for super professional results has been 6 Fiverr's... Only $30 in total which I could sell for hundreds to clients and use personally for my own presentations). One of these things is support from professional designers who can make a transparent .png file logo to add to your video).

Now here's a secret, if you want to make your video look REALLY good, then you will ask a supplier in Fiverr to animate the logo, so it spins horizontally in an animated fashion with a sparkle to it as it turns, like the sun or a light is hitting it, it's extremely effective and adds a very professional touch.

If you wish to make it even more professional, you need to make sure you have a call to action right at the end and I've found this site called Splasheo, which are currently offering some amazing intros, outros and lower thirds (lower thirds are what you see in documentaries, the news and anything where someone who is speaking needs to be introduced)... You can get these intro and outros for free at their site (and there are some paid options for some basic versions which are great also).

And because I'm not creative, I had someone at Fiverr modify them to exactly what I wanted and included a call to action, I recommend you get them onto your email or marketing list and in return you give them something "Valuable" so that you can then stay in touch and offer more value, earn their trust and eventually get a potential client from it.

Summing Up

When you're finally happy with it all, it's time to export your video and for this I normally export in High Definition Wide Screen format with the sound set to at least 44Khz for high quality listening).

From here you can create DVD's, online video presentations and much more, but you'll have an animated presention worth at least a thousand dollars for very little.

I hope this has helped you get started with creating a video presentation, you're first will be a bit difficult, however what I present you here, has taken me weeks of research to find a great solution that I believe works very effectively and is quite easy to achieve.

Stay tuned as in up coming articles, I'll be walking you through WHAT to do with your video to market it virally with very little effort and absolutely no cost involved.

In the meantime, take a look at how to edit the audio of your presentations really easily with some of the simplest to use sound recording software free download(s), which will get you up and running with simple, yet great sounding audio for absolutely no cost!