Beautiful brooches for adults and children can be created using candy molds. They are so simple to make and a delight to paint. Artistic miniature paintings can also be created.

Things You Will Need

Plaster of Paris

Pin backs

Candy molds

Craft paints

Polyurethane varnish

Step 1

First choose the candy mold you will be using. All craft stores carry these molds and others. Soap molds can also be used.

Begin by filling the cavaties of your mold with water, making sure each little section is filled. Then pour this water into your mixing container. Follow the package directions for mixing the plaster.

Sprinkle the plaster slowly into the water until all the water has been absorbed. Mix thoroughly and quickly.

Step 2

Fill each small section of your mold with the plaster mixture. Tap the sides and bottom of the mold to let out any air bubbles and make sure the pieces are even.

Set the mold aside to allow the plaster to set. Lightly press a pin back into each piece. Do not try to embed it ,as the plaster will not be strong enough to hold it. After about 10 minutes the plaster should be set enough to remove the pieces from the mold.

Step 3

When the plaster has set and seems firm, remove the pin backs. Lay out a towel, turn the mold over and lightly press out the pieces.

Trim and smooth any ragged edges, using a small sharp knife or a piece of kitchen scrubber. (The ones that look like thick felt).

Step 4

Place the pieces on a cookie sheet or something similar and allow them to air dry for a day or two.

When they are dry they can be painted any way you choose, using the acrylic craft paints. After the paint dries , apply one or two coats of varnish. Glue on the pin backs and you are done.

* Simple disks for miniature painted brooches can be made by pouring plaster into plastic lids such as the Pringles potato chip can lids, or small plastic jar lids.

* Remember the mold should be a little flexible, so only use plastic jar lids ,etc.

Tips & Warnings

* A good way to use up old nail polish . Clear nail polish can be used as varnish.

* The colder the water you use to mix the plaster, the longer time it takes to set.