Create Interesting Articles: Your Title

The title of your work can draw in readers. Each title should be contain at least one or two SEO optimized words. This means that the title needs words that someone would search for when looking for the information online such as “how to build a patio deck.” or “making money online with affiliates.” Using keywords helps your article get indexed by search engines and brings your article closer to the top for those keywords. You want to use keywords that are not overused on the Internet so try sites such as Google's Adwords to help you construct great titles for your work.

How To Write an Article: Make Them Easy to Read

Your article should be easy to read and convey information to your reader. You don’t want articles that ramble on or go off your topic. You might include images, videos and links within your article to provide your readers with additional information and to make your article stand out from the average ones online. When you write articles that are easy to read people may check out more of your work and keep coming back to see what else you have done.

Article content

You need great article content. If you don’t provide your readers with good content they can use they won’t return to read your work.  A good article provides something useful for the reader such as a listing of tips or other information. When someone clicks a link to your article they will expect to find something useful so make sure your content is good enough to keep them on your page and reading your work. An article that is too short won’t keep readers engaged and they will look elsewhere for the material they seek.

Article Accuracy is Important

Your article needs to be as accurate as you can make it. This means that dates, people’s names,  number data, and other information needs to be correct. You don’t want to spell a name wrong or include numbers that aren’t correct because this is the work of an amateur. Always check your information before you submit the work to an article site or post it to a personal blog. Spend extra time after you write each article to check it over and see where you can improve it. Pictures and video can sometimes help an article too so you may want to include those if you are just writing online.


Anothr important point in how to create an article is the use of article promotion techniques. Besides the posting process, you need to promote your articles online. Sign up for forums,  social media sites and consider starting your own blog on the subject matter you most write about online. No one will find your work if you don’t do at least some promotion of your material. Make use of good SEO keywords with your articles  and do some experimenting. Sometimes just changing a few words can make all the difference in your work.

You Can Create Interesting Articles

Increase the views of your articles online with a great article title and content that is easy to read. Be sure your article is as accurate as possible and remember to promote your work as much a possible online.