Are You Interested In A Mobile App For Your Blog?

If you are currently running your blogs on the Internet but have yet to expose them to Readers on their Mobile Phones and would like to join the many others who have their own Apps (and some of them making a real good income out from them), here are some of the recommended resources that you can try out today and have your own Apps created in no time!


Three Recommended Resources For Creating Your Mobile Apps

Here are some online sites that you can check out in converting your Blog's RSS Feed into a Mobile App. Do note that this is not the same as converting your Blog into a Mobile Site (with a Mobile Template) which is usually accessed through a Mobile Browser.

And if you are serious in promoting your blog site as an App, you will definitely need to create a Developer Account (not free) with Apple & Android. And for some of the resources, you would definitely need to have your artwork ready like App Icons. Do note that these free resources do come with limitations which may only be resolved on the management's level (though you can always provide your feedbacks).

So if you think you are ready with these requirements, do read on...

Resource #1:

This is one site that you can use to create both an iPhone and Android App. And for this, you do not need to have any developer account created but you would definitely need to have an Image Icon to represent your Blog.

Once you have that, all you need is your RSS Feed and some details to describe your Blog (plus the need to verify that you are the owner of your blog either by having a line of code in your index page or by uploading a fille). The next step is for you to choose a layout that you would like to use to present your blog posts.

And if you like to make money from this app and you have an account with Google Adsense, you can simply create a mobile ad from it and paste the JavaScript code in the "Make Money" section. If you intend to create many apps from it, this mobile ad code will apply to all.

Once everything is in place, you will have a QR code which you and your blog readers can use to download. You are also given links and badges that you can install on your sites to let them know that you have an app for your blog.

What you may not like about this resource is that your Blog App exists within Bloapp - meaning that when people download an app, they have to download Bloapp and your Blog App exists inside. They can still find other blogs within the directory and add them along with your Blog App.

Resource #2:

This resource site is mainly for creating Android Apps and you would definitely need to have an Android Developer Account and a Home Screen Icon to represent your App.

To make money from this App, you would need to have an AdMob account and for the Free Version, you would have to split 50% Ad Impressions with Andromo. Simply upgrade to the paid version ($99/year) and you get more features plus full ad impressions.

For Andromo, you get to play around with more features as compared to Bloapp. You can add Custom HTML Pages, Audio, Facebook, Flickr, Map, Website on top of your RSS Feed. You also get to decide how your display would look like by configuring the color styles, dashboard style and action bar.

Once you are satisfied with what you have created, you can download the APK file which you can use to upload to the Android Marketplace or play around on your own smartphone.

If you have a lot of images on your blog posts, you may not like the app interface because images tend to extend out of home screen when the phone is held in the Portrait Mode.

Resource #3: is yet another site for creating Android Apps for Blog sites. As compared to Andromo, this resource site creates mobile apps packed with features like the ability to slide across the screen to read the next post, status bar notifications to update your readers on new posts. There's also the ability for your readers to add a Widget to their home screen and get instant updates.

In terms of making money from the apps created, you have to upgrade your app to the Pro Version, after which you will be given access to enter your AdMob codes.

And in terms of usage wise, the only thing that your readers may find issues with is that all your blog posts are downloaded as articles into their phones and they have to manually delete each or all articles on their own. And in terms of the layout interface, images are kept within the phone screen but if you have ordered list (or bullet points) on your blog posts, the app does not seemed to interpret the HTML behind it so all those words will appear jumbled together.


If you are keen to converting your blogs into mobile apps without having the hassle or programming experience, do check out these resources. And if you do know of other resource sites that can allow you to create apps easily, do drop a comment and share with the other readers!