Let’s face it, we could always use more closet space, but if the reality is, that you have a small space, then you simply have to get creative.  With a small budget you can work storage into your room that is creative and useful.  You will even know where everything is.

Step 1 – Clear out clutter.  I know you have heard this a million times, but storing things you never wear is crazy.  Someone else could be enjoying the use of that item, and you could use the space, this goes for scarves, belts, purses and jewelry too. 

So, take a day when you are not stressed and preferable in the daylight so you can really get a good look at what you are dealing with.  Create a keep pile and a donate pile on the floor or your bed and take things out one at a time, so depending on how much stuff is in your closet you may need to allow some time for this step.  Don’t even purchase storage bins or anything until you know exactly what you need to store.

Step 2 – Bag the Donations – and get them out of the room so you have a clear idea of where you stand and are not likely to go back into them.  It is hard to figure any organization if there are piles of clothes everywhere.  Don’t forget to go through that shoe collection too.

Step 3 – Decide on your budget.  You can go really high end and spend a lot of money on closet organizers or you can do this a bit at a time, or you can simply get creative.  Look at the things you are trying to store.  Do you have a lot of belts, scarves, purses?  Do you have a lot of t-shirts, jeans, or sweaters?  Once you have seen where you stand then you can decide on storage that is easy to access.  You don’t want everything away in drawers and hard to get to places or you won’t put them back and then another pile will begin to form on the dresser or the floor.

Once you have followed the above step, now is the fun part of coming up with ideas to create more closet space and really utilize the space you have.

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Pegboard – You can get these sets that come complete with hooks that are advertised for the workshop or craft area.  But you can use these on the inside of the closet door.  They can house all your scarves, belts, purses, you can move the hooks around too.  This is a brilliant idea to get those accessories off the floor.  You could even attach this to your wall outside of the closet and hang all sorts of things.  These pegboard systems are a brilliant way to deal with smaller items.

How to create more closet spaceCredit: amazon.com

Hanging Shelves

Hanging Shelves – If you do not have a dresser, then you need shelves for things like underwear or sweaters, t-shirts or even socks.  These hanging shelves do not take up much room width wise but can hold a lot of things and really get the use out of the closet space.  You can get them online for quite cheap and you can get ones that are designed for shoes.  For the sake of about a foot of width you can store all your t-shirts and things like that where you can see them and are likely to put them away again.

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Storage Bench

Storage Bench – Perfect for Seasonal clothes – Keeping seasonal clothes out of the space is one of the best and quickest ways to create more closet space.  Winter wear can be bulky with sweaters and heavier things, so if you can simply store them in a good tub with a snap on lid out of the room, or you could get a storage bench that also doubles as seating.  It is nice to double up on uses.  This all depends on the size of your space.  But it is another option for not only seasonal wear, but things you don’t use all the time.  These benches hold a lot of things.

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Bed Frame with Drawers

Bed Frame with Drawers – This is one of the best way to store things.  If you have the budget and you are just moving into your space, why not get rid of that classic metal bed frame and put your mattress on a platform bed.  These beds have huge storage drawers.  This is what I presently use as I don’t have room for a dresser and my closet is tiny.

You can use the drawers for your everyday wear, or to store you’re seasonal items.  If you can’t swing a new bed frame right now, then consider under bed storage drawers that you can get online to keep things out of the way and tidy.

Putting Your Closet Back Together – Hang your portable shelves and your pegboard and then invest in some decent hangers for the rest of your clothes.  Get rid of those nasty wire ones the dry cleaner give you and get either wooden ones or strong plastic ones.  Get all the same and then your clothes hang uniformly and even. 

Now place things where you will find them quickly in the morning.  I love the pegboard idea because you simply open your closet get your outfit for the day and then choose a scarf or belt off the door. 

There are many options to create more closet space; many are just simple fixes, such as under the bed storage or the pegboard idea, but mostly it is just keeping things current.  If you don’t wear a top anymore, then it is taking up valuable space.  Go through your things every season and donate the ones you don’t wear.  This way everyone wins.