Creating online MLM leads is a great idea to ramp up your network marketing or multilevel marketing business.  With consistent effort over time you can create a system that will provide leads for you day and night.  Once your system is set up there is very little to do except take care of your quickly growing business!


Getting started is easy but expect some long, hard hours in the beginning.   There is a learning curve and some serious time involved in setting the whole system up. Only people that are serious about creating an online system should even attempt the task.  The good news is that there is no real experience needed to get started. You don’t need to know how to build websites or all of the online marketing ins and outs.  A will to succeed and a time commitment is all that is really needed.  The parts of the system are easily learned with some consistent effort.


Each part of the system is very important. If you are missing elements of the system it will very likely not work at all. Don’t be nervous because if you do happen to miss something important you can always go back and get that part going when you have time.


The first part of your MLM system is your MLM blog. Your MLM blog is the hub to which all of your MLM leads will be directed. If you had a store this would be it. Your goal is to create your MLM blog and put a massive amount of valuable content on it.  Shoot for 3 or more posts per week at first along with your other marketing activities.


Marketing takes the most time and requires the most effort.  Your marketing should have one goal. The goal is to lead people back to your MLM blog.  The more marketing you can complete and get published online, the more MLM leads you will create.  What are some good ways to get started?


Article marketing is a great way to get started with your marketing.  Article marketing taps into the article company’s vast readership and directs people back to your MLM blog. Article marketing will also help your MLM blog rank in the search engines which is the ultimate goal. It will take a whole lot of time and whole lot of effort to get to that point so be patient and start with other sources. 


Video marketing is also a great way to get started.  You can create a slideshow video or a regular video.  There are quite a few video sites that you can upload your videos to and gain some traffic to your MLM blog as well. The videos that do the best seem to be the craziest so you can be professional or super creative.


Your next steps would be to set up an auto responder and your capture pages.  Your autoresponder is where people sign up for your email list so you can contact your visitors again. Your capture page is like a sales page where you can “sell” people on the idea of joining your email list. 


You now have the basics of the system! The next step would to visit a lot of blogs now and look for each of these components.  Study hard and look for clues as to how people have created their websites. Look for names of the little boxes and scroll down to the bottom of the page and see who hosts and manages the blogs.  Sign up for their free offer and get on their news lists to see how everything works.  Then all that is left to do is to get started! Massive online MLM leads are on the way!

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