Success is a word somewhat indefinable. It means something different to every person who says or thinks about it. Often when you think of success the first thing that comes to mind is financial wealth. Everyone would like a little more flexibility financially. Others may think of providing for their families, attaining their dream job or even just getting healthy. It really varies depending on the person.

Even then, if you have all the money in the world you can still be unhappy. Or, you could have no money in the world and be the happiest person alive! It is really about perspective. Do you have a happy place you like to go?

While we’ve already discussed that personal success means something different to each person, the reasons for it are the same and unchanging.

You have to make sure you understand three intertwining things. It is as simple as one, two, three.

At a recent seminar led by Chartered Marketer and CEO of Markitects, Ian Rheeder, I learned that I don’t need to have the most sly sale moves but, instead, I need to understand the psychology underlying how you can live to your potential.

Studies have shown that success can be attained with a ‘F-E-A’: Focus, Energy and Activities.

Success = Focus + Energy + Activities

Each section of the equation is important for understanding success.

  1. Focus can help you with your life purpose. You need to be focused on something within reach. It can be a large dream but it must be realistic. If you don’t know how to sing and can’t pull off her magnificent costumes, why on earth would you yearn to be Lady Gaga?
  2. You need energy to help you have the longing to do the work to help you reach personal success. The more you want something, the more you are incline to actually go out and get it. Thinking about a goal you really want to achieve will increase your serotonin and help you turn your energy levels to full speed. Always remember though, that you need to maintain your yearning long-term.
  3. In order to achieve your goals you need to break down how you are going to get there with a number of different activities. You may have a weekend to-do list that looks just right on your fridge but if you don’t get off the couch and do it nothing will ever happen. In order to become a story of personal success than you need to be a doer and take action toward your activities.

With each of the elements of the personal success recipe fully explained, it is easy to see that you must have them working in unison to have personal success. Ian eloquently put it like this.

You need focus to instruct you on which way to go. If you don’t have the right focus, then you probably won’t get past the beginning of your journey. You may still be able to push forward with energy, but a lot of money, manpower and time will be used for an unfruitful benefit.

You need to mix the two together in order to have some amount of productivity. If you mix the two properly they can be unstoppable but must be used for the right activities. If you aren’t organized you may succumb to the large scale of your end vision.

By using activities to help organize your goal into smaller jobs and feeding your ‘focused-energy’ on the goal the whole process will be more easily digestible.

If you have an elephant for dinner the only way to eat it is one bite at a time.

To sum it all up, if you want to attain personal success you need to embody three things: your focus, your energy and the ability to put things into action!