Many men have this strong belief that pick up lines don’t work and women just don’t respond well to them anymore. However this couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact women are far more likely to respond to an opening line than anything else.

The secret though is using an opener that isn’t corny, out dated or designed to be used by a ten year old kid in a school playground. The predictable lines like “Hey, did it hurt?... When you fell down from heaven?” just don’t do anything for attraction and never have done. So if you’ve ever used a chat up line like this, you should be ashamed!

How to develop your own pick up lines

This is much simpler than you might think and becomes even easier as you get more confident, because the once scripted lines will now just flow off your tongue and make any woman melt on the spot. To create your own, this is what you need to do...

1. Start with something that will stop her in her tracks, like “Hey...” or “Excuse me...”

It’s important to note that you need to touch her lightly on the arm if you’re in close proximity, to grab her attention or if she’s walking, then you can just jump right in front of her with a confident smile on your face.

2. Now you need to move onto the middle part of a line which is the intriguing part.

This will create interest with the woman and make her want to listen to what you have to say. You can say something like “I noticed you over there, whilst talking to my friend on the phone and I actually said I can’t talk any more, because I needed to stop a cute girl...” - When she smiles then you can move onto step three and close the deal.

3. Ok, so you have the attention grabbing opener, the intriguing hook and now you need your closing observational statement which will make her laugh, smile and either ask you a question or keep talking.

You can say something like “You look Arabic, are you from Dubai or something?...” - She’ll always answer a question like this, because it’s not lame, it’s actually observing something about her that other guys wouldn’t notice.

So there you have it - Simple yet very effective tips for creating your own pick up lines that make women go weak at the knees! Good luck fellas, not that you’ll need it or anything.