How to create the perfect fun family night at home and make memories

Creating the perfect fun family night is all about leaving long lasting memories, not just for the parents but the kids as well. These memories will always be there to help the children remember a great childhood experience, it would also help them remember the importance of their background and be some sort of guide when they face the hard realities of life after moving out of their homes. This article will further show you how to enjoy a typical night with the family.

Looking at it from a fun angle, it is quite obvious that there are many things to do as family and still make the best memories ever. These activities can be done on a Friday night, a Saturday night or even the entire weekend. Some of the night activities families can enjoy together are listed below:

Pillow party: This sort of activity involves getting out as many pillows as possible to the living room or any other part of the home most comfortable with. one can also turn on candles, play soft music, or even get out small chops to make it more enjoyable for everyone. So during the pillow party, parents can tell stories to the kids, taking turns while listening to soft music. The whole idea is to get cozy with the family. It helps create some sort of warmth and appreciation. The kids feel closer to their parents this way, and the other hand, the parents can get to know their children a lot more. During the pillow party, parents get to ask their children interesting questions about school and equally get personal if they want to. The kids are not left out; they also get to ask their parents questions bothering them or just have fun by talking about topics most interesting to them. This way, fun loving memories are created.

Watch movies or create your own family movie night: In creating the perfect family movie night, a certain day or days are selected and agreed upon to watch home movies  together as a family. The parents get to select certain movies strictly meant for family viewing to watch on these selected days or day. Children most especially look forward to this particular night activity where they get to spend quality time with their parents watching interesting family rated movies which can be really stimulating and educational at the same time. During this activity, parents get to gather throw pillows to give the play theatre or living room some sort of pleasant and warm feeling. The traditional popcorn and drinks are also made available to give one the idea of a real theatre, to make the innovation more appreciative. After the movie or movies are over, parents can then go ahead to ask the kids questions about the movies to help them learn valuable lessons on the importance of having and being with a family.

It is important to note that during a typical family fun night, interaction is the key to having fun and learning lessons, so parents are advised to ask their kids questions about the activities and make sure that they get enough response to follow up on either the success or failure of these activities, for which the former is preferred.

How to create games you can play with the kids at anytime

As a parent, getting the kids to play games can be really exciting and refreshing for both the kids and the parents. It is not always advisable for parents to leave their kids to spend the day watching television, when they can actually get themselves involved in mentally challenging activities which would not only affect their mind growth positively, but would also improve the relationship they share with the parents. With that said, this article explains how parents, adults and their children can interact positively by playing different exciting games that are easy to create, and would be so much fun for the kids as they learn them along with the adults; making the innovation a fun project for both adults and children. So stick around and learn how to create the perfect fun games for kids.

Kiddies war cards: This is a really exciting and interesting game for kids. The kiddies war cards is  a card game that is played with two, three or more players. In order to play the game, a deck of cards is shuffled and passed to all the players involved, the cards are placed faced down. None of the players are permitted to look at the cards. After distributing all the cards, each player takes his or her own turn to flip over the top card; the player with the highest number sign on the card gets to keep all the cards. If there is a tie between two or more players, then a war is declared. What this means is that, the players with the tied numbers leave the cards on the table, and get to flip over another one. Then the player with the highest number this time round, would have to keep all the cards flipped over. The game only ends when one player is able to gather all 52 cards in a pack.

Tower construction: This is another game children enjoy so much and it can be really exciting for adults as well. The game involves building a tower with different items, such as party cups, Lego blocks, plastic plates and so on, anything to make stacking up easy for children. This is a game that is usually monitored by an adult to make sure that the kid or kids enjoy greatest satisfaction from the activity. Most of the time, the objects usually end up falling apart, but the fun part is that every one gets to have a trial at constructing his or her own tower.

Balloon badminton: Now this is a nice way to get the kids to enjoy the outdoors playing their own modified sport known as Badminton, the game can also be played within the cosy confines of the house, which is a for a rainy day. In order to get started, the following materials would be needed:

2 craft sticks, 2 plastic can lids or coffee can lids, play glue, markers or crayons, balloons, newspaper, blunt scissors, a string or tiny rope, and 2 chairs.

Steps to making a balloon badminton:

Step 1: put a bit of glue on the craft stick as well the plastic cans to create the play badminton rackets, then use the crayons or markers to paint images on the rackets.

Step 2: In order to make the nets, fold the newspaper to look like a fan, then cut out a nice v-shaped part.

Step 3: open the already folded paper and pass the string through the top area of the cut outs.

Step 4: get the ready made net tied to the two prepared chairs on opposite sides, and your balloon badminton is ready to be played.

Note: It is absolutely important to get rid of any ruined balloon pieces immediately so as not to put the kids at the risk of a choking hazard.