Article Structure That Works

What Is Article Structure?

When I started writing articles online, I would write like I wrote a paper for a school project or a research paper like I did for college.

There were 5 to 9 sentence paragraphs, sometimes larger, and no lists, bullets, bold captions, etc.

I thought that I was writing a paper just online. I had no idea that people were having trouble reading my posts.

I started blog and it started to gain some popularity, not a lot, but some. People would message me and tell me that my articles were nice but difficult to take in.

They were long and hard to follow.

To me they seemed absolutely fine. Why were people having trouble reading my posts, I thought. Then someone told me to look at my article structure.

After that moment, I started looking at writing online completely different. Then I started researching things like magazine article structure and feature article structure.

What ever I could get my hands on about article structure, I read it.

I came to a few conclusions about article structure:

  • People Skim - People skim articles, they usually don't sit there and read every word. If something captures their eye, they will stop and pay more close attention, but most of the time people just skim and move on. That is why if you notice that the average time on your site is very small.
  • People Like Lists - People like lists, no doubt about it. Some of the most popular posts out there are lists of things that interest people. You can find some examples in newspaper article structures, but the real place to find them are online. Lists are fast and full of the information that people are looking for.
  • People Like To See Themselves - This is by far the biggest revelation I have ever had which is common knowledge among a small few, but if you want traffic from your article structure, then talk about someone else and link your article to them. It works every time. Most people actually get an email telling them when someone links to their site or article, and they know where to reply to. 
  • People Like To The Point Information - Because you can count on people only being on your site a short period, you have to make sure that your information is to the point. If not, they will get nothing from your article and never return.
  • People Like Pictures - Need I say more? People like to look at pictures. They capture attention where words cannot. Pictures are a great way to keep your readers coming back. 
  • People Like Videos - It is easier and more exciting for people to watch a video than it is to read your post. They get a chance to see what ever you are talking about and hear it at the same time. Then later, they can read about it. Videos are really wonderful.

There is much more but this is a good start. Your article structure can make a difference between people staying on your website or leaving your site before they get anything from it.

Use all the tools you can and above all;

Be Different!

Writing online is not the same as writing for you high school English Teacher. If you can remember that than you will go far.

Good Luck,