Most everyone loves to receive that special card. The thing is that many of the best cards can be rather expensive. So, how do your find the perfect card that says all the things you've ever wanted to say? You make it yourself. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to create your own greeting cards.

First of all, think about who the card is for. Is it for your mother, your spouse, or that special someone you just met? Maybe it's for the main carrier, who never seems to have a bad day. Whoever it's for, be sure to make it a little more special just for them.

Next, how are you going to make the card? There are several card making software programs that make some of the most beautiful cards. However, these are only slightly less generic than the ones you can buy in the store. True, you can mix and match covers with the words inside, but maybe you're thinking of something more "you". Something that tells that special someone exactly how you feel, not how the greeting card industry feels.

Start out with either colored card stock or everyday construction paper. Fold it as you would any card and think of what it is you want to say. You don't even have to be a poet to get your message across. Say something heartfelt like "I couldn't find anything in the store that came close to saying what I feel". Or, make it a little more humorous with something like "I made your card, please don't be mad. It's not a car, Love your Dad".

The next part is where you need to be a little creative. You don't want to give someone a card with a blank front. There needs to be something that will grab the other person's attention. However, you don't have to be a fabulous artist to make this work. If you can draw, go for it. But if you can't, here's a little trick. Head to your local department store and hit the scrapbooking aisle. If you're creating a birthday card, pick out a few of the pre-cut birthday items. Same goes for a wedding card, or even a Mother or Father's Day card.

For something a bit more personal, cut out sections of pictures from your past and use them. Or, cut out pictures from magazines and paste them to the front. Let your imagination run wild and create a card that they'll cherish for years to come.

Rather than spending a small fortune on a card that will get tossed into a like-minded pile, create a one-of-a-kind card that will be remembered forever.