In the beginning we lived in caves. We then progressed to huts and finally to a real house. Now, we long for the simple peace and quiet of a cave once more. At first the men in this modern day and age decided they needed a refuge and came up with the idea of a "man cave." Typically a man cave is centered around a television to watch sporting events and a small refrigerator to hold favorite beverages. Wives, girlfriends, and moms watched them retreat from the hassles of everyday life into their own sanctuary with jealousy. Now, the rebellion has begun.

mom cave

If the men can have a man cave, why can't we have a mom cave? It has been argued that we have the whole house so why would we need a mom cave? We have the sewing room, laundry room, and best of all, the kitchen! Why would we need more or even want than that? Well, in my opinion each of these rooms represents work and not relaxation. The purpose of a mom cave is to have a sanctuary for relaxing, visiting, and doing whatever we want.

Creating the mom cave might be a challenge for some because you might not have the room or space so let's explore some possibilities where you could make it happen.

  • Spare or guest bedroom - Sure you need to have a place for your guests to stay but does this room really have to be reserved all of the time just for that? How often do you have overnight visitors?
  • Convert space in the garage or attic - Many homes have ample space in these areas that aren't being utilized and with a little effort and expense you can wall off a space just for yourself.
  • Oversized closet - You really don't need a lot of room for a cozy little mom cave and you might just be able to squeeze into a large walk-in closet.
  • Children's playroom - Do they really need all of that space for themselves? If you can't take over the whole room you can wall off a space for yourself.
  • Sewing or laundry room - Consider converting the space where you already have dominance! Really, it's your space, right? Then why do you have to just work there? Move the sewing machine and ironing board into a closet and clear the area so you can do what you want to do.

Once you decide on an area that you can use for your mom cave you now need to decide on what you really want to do there. This will entirely depend on what you like to do. Here are a few suggestions that you might want to incorporate into your own design as you create your personal mom cave:

  • Do you like to watch television? Set up a nice little television with a vcr so you can watch your favorite old chick flicks.
  • Are you an avid reader? A comfy little loveseat or chaise lounge fits the bill for curling up with a good book. Make sure you have some bookshelves to store the books you have always wanted to read but just couldn't find the time.
  • Are you a crafty person and find this is your way to relax? Go ahead and set it up for your hobbies. This is your space and you won't have to worry about anyone bothering your stuff if you put your foot down about it being a private space.
  • Do you love music but can never play what you want? Here's your chance. Add a stereo and all of the cd's that no one else likes to listen to!
  • Visitors? If you like entertaining make sure you have a comfy chair for your best friend. Add a little table so you can enjoy a card game or tea time.
  • You have to eat. Have a nice little stash of your favorite, sinful treats and beverages. Add a small fridge and microwave if you the space and budget. Enjoy a nice hot cup of cocoa and cookies while reading.
Enjoying yourself

The most important thing about creating your own mom cave is to make it a place that you want to spend your time. Decorate it so that it reflects your personality. Keep it off limits to the family unless they are invited to join you. It should be a place that you can get away and relax or do the things you enjoy doing without interruption.