If you are trying to start a craft business, or just love to create crafts for a hobby, then you must have your own space.

It must be the first thing on your "to do list" when getting setup. Or you will get frustrated and you will not be taken seriously. You will just be considered the one "messing up the place". Depending on the type of craft you enjoy doing, this could be a huge mess, or minimal. Either way, just like you create a play area for your kids, you should create a play area for your craft hobby or business.

Now having said that you need your own space, having all your arts and craft supplies piled up on a corner of the kitchen table, the end of the counter, or the dining room table does not count as your own space!. Nor does the couch or coffee table!..

create your own space

If crafting is your passion, and what you love to do, to unwind from the day, or for your home business, then it is important to create your own space, before you get started with your work. I know we all can't have luxury studios on the property, but it is possible to create an area that is relaxing and completely your own, by getting creative and taking the time to set it up now!

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this is the perfect storage unit for storing all your craft supplies and it is also a great work area.

Treat yourself to a "all in one wall unit" if space is limited. They have a desk with all kinds of storage, below and above. Some go up to the ceiling. You can get colorful storage bins that stack, or fit into special wall units. Create a budget and go shopping. Try some of the big box stores, such as IKEA or Home Depot. You will be surprised by what you can come up with, for not too bad money. You could use one wall of a room, with these storage ideas, and not take over the entire place.

If you must use a corner of the kitchen or living room, then take the plunge and purchase

one of these types of units, or else your supplies will migrate to the counter, to the coffee table and beyond if you have kids! Get into the habit of using the storage drawers and containers, especially at the end of the day. Put as much away as you can, so as your supplies don't get "borrowed" all the time, since they are in sight.

As much as you would rather just dive into your creating, you really need to set aside a day or so, to get this area set up, and to put all your supplies in the little drawers and label them! Take the time on this chore, because if you label them and know where they are, your life will be just that much easier while crafting. It can be great to get help with this part, but really you should be in charge of putting away and organizing where your supplies are going to go. If someone else does that part, you are still going to be searching. If you do it, you stand a better chance of finding everything!

If you are organized, then you will have more time to spend on your craft, and not spend half the evening trying to find your paint brushes in your kids room, or your jewelry tools in your partners workshop!..

Everyone in the household must be made aware that this is YOUR space, after all, they all have their space, so why not you?. I have seen people even take over parts of closets for their hobbies, by removing the doors and plopping in a table and lots of these storage units, and as long as you have good lighting, then you are set to go!

It is nice to have an area, that you can leave setup for yourself. I know, that if I wanted to do any crafting when I got home, and it meant having to find things, and get them out, I probably would not start. But by having and creating your own space, you are now responsible for your own supplies. You can just get right to it, and craft away!

Crafting is suppose to reduce stress and relax you, so that you are a better person for yourself and your family, how can that happen, if you are crawling under the couch looking for the scissors, or finding your best art paper on the fridge as a grocery list!.. (don't laugh, this happened to me!) or better yet, your tools out in the garage!

Creating your own space, will depend, of course, on what type of craft you do. If you sew, it would be nice if you could have a folding table, for layouts and pattern cutting, something that you could just fold up afterwards, or better yet, just push up against the wall when you are done, but ready for the next time.

Craft SpaceCredit: amazon.com

If you paint, (like me) it would be nice to find a storage shelf for your bottles of paints, I actually found a CD storage unit worked well for my small bottles of acrylic paints. They hold and display all my paints quite well, and this 3 shelf CD unit doesn't take up much room at all. That was the biggest complaint by my family, was the little bottles of paint everywhere, especially the kitchen table, when I first got started. I got a few of those tiny baskets from the dollar store, and use them for paint brush storage.

I also had to change my habits. The kitchen sink was the closest, so that was where I tended to wash my paint brushes, which drove everyone crazy, as I would have them drying on the edge of the sink. I had to get into the habit of going to the laundry room, and using the utility sink. So, there is a bit of give and take on both sides, when creating your own space.

You do not need a lot of square footage to create this space, just a little corner that is organized, is clean, and a BEWARE OF STRESSED OUT CRAFTER sign if someone dares mess with your "space".

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you can also make good use of your walls for craft storage.