Here I am gonna tell you how to create a simple 3D Text easily using GIMP, a free photoshop alternative.Many of you would be unfamiliar to GNU Image Manipulation Program(GIMP). GIMP is a free alternative to Photoshop. The new version of GIMP that is 2.6.10 competes with the new Photoshop CS5. Many Photographers or Designers use a Image Manipulation Programs to enhance their photos like adding extra effects, blurring, etc. And 50% of these users use a pirated version of Photoshop. The GIMP is a pure competitor of the Photoshop.

Things You Will Need

GIMP(any version)

Step 1

Click on the Desktop shortcut of GIMP or find it in the Start Menu.

Step 2

Select New in the File Menu and choose the size of the logo in pixels(example 640X400). The Template is now created. Once you have chosen the size, a blank white sheet will appear in the window of the same size.

Step 3

Fill the background with the color BLACK using the color pallet placed on the left side.

Step 4

Using the Text Tool in the toolbar(usually located at the left), Write Your desired name in the middle of the blank sheet using the font color as White.

Step 5

Now merge the visible layers by right clicking on one of them and selecting Merge Down. This can be done using the Layer Box on the right side.

Step 6

Now create another a layer using NEW LAYER option in the layer dialog on the right. The layer should be white in color. Now click on the new layer and keep it active.

Step 7

Use a pattern or color to make it colorful. Here I used GIMP built in Plasma pattern. Fill only the New Layer.

Step 8

Now go to Filter Menu>Map>Bump Map. A separate window will appear. Select the layer containing your text on the bumpmap option(top of the window) and click OK.

Step 9

And Your Logo is Complete Now! Just save it by using save as option in the File Menu. Select the Format as JPEG for better compatibility. You can also use this technique in photographs.

Tips & Warnings

You can use any other color or pattern. The pattern used here comes included in GIMP. And yeah! Don't forget to create a watermark on the image.