Cloth Diapering and Building a Stash

Keeping Cloth Diaper Costs Manageable

The choice to use cloth diapers can come from a variety of different sources. Some parents may choose to use cloth diapers because of the savings. Other parents may choose to use cloth diapers because of chemical concerns with disposable diapers. Regardless of the reasoning behind your choice, keeping the costs manageable is something all parents can relate to.

In late 2012 we found out that we were expecting our first baby. We are a fairly frugal family and try to keep our budget as manageable as possible. When we combined our frugal efforts with my career path of being a green living and sustainable lifestyle writer, the choice for cloth diapers was a no-brainer.

We knew we wanted to use all in one cloth diapers that were one size fits all. This would mean that the diaper that worked for our baby as a newborn would work throughout the diapering years. We began looking for cloth diapers that had high reviews and seemed to match our needs. The problem came in with the price. Most cloth diapers ran around $20 for one diaper and one insert. This meant, that to build a standard "stash" of cloth diapers, we would be spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 to $200. Though this was still a huge savings, it seemed a bit steep. This is when I began the path to making our own cloth diapers. Let's just say that between work, school, being a homemaker, being an avid outdoors family and everything in between the heart and soul to create the diapers was there, but the time and energy as not.

This is how we came upon a great way to cut our cloth diaper costs, keep the budget manageable and keep the high quality we wanted in a cloth diaper stash.


Highest Quality for the Lowest Price

We wanted to maintain a high quality of craftsmanship for our cloth diaper stash. We started with a company called Econobums. They had a decent reputation and a starter pack that included 3 standard prefolds and one cloth diaper cover in the one size adjustable option. The price was around $18, which included shipping. This seemed great. If nothing else, we would have a template. Needless to say we found several issues about this particular brand that we didn't like. 

This lead me to search and research for other options that were affordable. I finally stumbled on a set of videos from moms talking about ordering their cloth diapers from overseas through Ebay. I checked it out. It took several hours to figure out what I was looking for, how to find it and how to make sure we got what we needed for our cloth diaper stash. The following is how we did it and how much money you can expect to spend with this cloth diapering supply method.

Econobums First Impression Review

Imports Save the Day

Now, I know what you are thinking. "Why would I want to order from overseas?" Well, most people may not. China and Hong Kong has received a pretty bad rap lately due to some import issues and recalls. However, the vast majority of these recalls were not clothing related. In fact, American stores are filled with "Made in China" labels. So, this option may or may not be for you. I will say, it worked for us and saved us a ton of money.

Here's what you do:

Open a search in Ebay.

In the search parameters create a search for cloth diapers.

Adjust your search to cover Worldwide instead of United States only or The search for Worldwide sellers we bring up the vast majority of suppliers located in China and Hong Kong.

You are looking for cloth diapers, all in one and one size fits all. These suppliers will offer the diapers in personalized lots that range from 1 all in one cover with or without the insert to 10 or more covers with or without the insert.

The majority of the suppliers offer free shipping. Most of the diapers cost less than $4 each for the diaper and the insert. That is a huge difference from the original $20 we started off with.

Order the amount you want, style, and insert options. Give the shipping a fair amount of time to process. We placed our first order December 26th and received them January 2. That time frame isn't bad when you consider the holidays and the days the post office was closed.

Final Thoughts

Searching Ebay and finding what you need is an easy way to build your cloth diaper stash. You can save a ton of money and budget out your cloth diaper purchases to work with your needs.

For our family, we found several suppliers on Ebay that offered 10 or more cloth diapers with inserts for around $30 with free shipping. We can place an order every two weeks from now until the first of May and have more than enough to cover our initial needs and possibly enough to cover our needs throughout the time the baby will be in diapers.