Bad Breath(100416)

What is Halitosis? Halitosis is the technical term for bad breath and it is very common among people. Halitosis is incredibly embarrassing, because come on nobody wants to admit that they have bad breath. Whether you're on a date or at an important meeting you never know when bad breath can sneak up on you, so here are some factors that might cause your bad breath:

Poor oral habits, for example not brushing your teeth or flossing everyday. Most dentists recommend brushing your teeth after every meal and flossing right before you go to bed. You should also use mouthwash in the morning and at night to help fight against germs that cause bad breath. Another bad habit is not cleaning you dentures (for those of you who have them). If you have dentures then you shouldn't wear them at night while you are sleeping.Instead you should take them out before you go to bed and clean them the next morning. 

Smoking isn't going to help you fight bad breath . Smoking or chewing tobacco can cause a lot of harm to your mouth. For example, it can stain your teeth, kill your taste buds, irritate gums, and cause bad breath. So the best thing to do is either quit or smoke less.

Food can also cause bad breath. The food that you eat gets digested and absorbed into your blood stream. It is then transported to the lungs and given off in you breath. If the smell is especially strong then it will stay in your breath until the food has passed through your body. You can see which foods cause the worst odor by recording what you eat and asking your doctor or by looking it up online.

So how do you get rid of bad breath right away? Here are some foods that can stop bad breath:

Anise The Anise seed has a licorice taste and can mask tour mouth odor while it kills the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Avocado  Avocado is way better than any mouth lotion and is highly recommended by dentists. Avocado eliminates intestinal decomposition, which is one of the main causes of bad breath

Guava Guava is a great tonic for your gums and teeth and it can also stop bleeding in the gums and bad breath. All you have to do is either chew an unripe guava or chew on the leaves.

Hazelnuts If you chew hazelnuts slowly it will absorb your bad breath.

Parsley Parsley is very high in Chlorophyll, which is known to have a deodorizing effect, and can end bad breath, especially if garlic and onions are the source of your bad breath. Chewing  Parsley leaves dipped in vinegar will give you an immediate result, but if you want a longer lasting effect then just swallow the leaves after you've chewed them.

Sage Sage has essential oils with antibacterial properties that help fight against bad breath. All you have to do is chew it

Tea Tea is a great and inexpensive way to treat bad breath. There are so many teas (such as lemon, alfalfa,  parsley ) that are easy to made and taste really good.  You have to drink the tea several times a day to get the full effect.