If your headache is so bad that your body is weak and your stomach is going to divorce itself from your last meal, YOU MIGHT HAVE A HANGOVER. If bright lights feel like spears, and your head swells with every sound, YOU likely DO have a hangover. In order to come back to your normal state of health you need the cure that knocks out hangovers.

Things You Will Need

  • One or Two Packages of Ramen Noodles
  • Two extra strength aspirin or a packet of BC powders
  • A bottle of extra strength Hot Sauce

Step 1

Make the Ramen Soup as called for by the package. Make sure you use all the seasoning packet even if you think it is too strong. We are curing hangovers here. You need the seasoning as part of the total package.

Step 2

Take your two aspirin and grind them up into as fine a powder as you can. Or, just get two packages of BC powders and have them ready. This is one of the secret weapons.

Add the medicinal powder to the cooked Soup and stir it in. Don't worry, you won't taste it.

Step 3

Hot Peppers Rule and with Capsicum They Cure You
Now you need to add as much Hot Sauce as you think you can take. This is another weapon in the hangovers war. Trust me on this. You are on your way to recovery.
Hot Peppers Rule and with Capsicum They Cure You

Step 4

Eat the soup and drink all the broth. You must absolutely consume every drop and scrap. If you stomach tries to go on strike, relax a moment and keep eating.

Step 5

Do this again in half an hour to an hour. Keep doing it until your hangover is just a fading bad memory. In between it is vital to drink plenty of water. And, make sure you pay attention to the warnings on aspirin overdose risks.

Step 6

There are no worse feelings than to have hangovers after a bit of celebration. But, if you follow these instructions you will live and your friends and family will not have to avoid you for days.

The soup will settle your digestive tract, the broth will start to get you rehydrated, and the powdered aspirin or BC powder will get into your system fast. Hot sauce is a natural anesthetic that begins to work on your headache immediately.

Tips & Warnings

Don't add more aspirin than the maximum dose. If your bottle says three in eight hours then stop at three. The remedy will work and you don't need to risk an overdose.