How to Get Rid of the Hiccups

Hiccups are made by our vocal cords closing suddenly in response to the diaphragm quickly contracting. They are extremely common and are not serious. It's very rare for hiccups to be prolonged and to not go away. However when this occurs surgery or medication can be required since this can be very exhausting to the individual.

There have been many self-remedies that people have come up with over time and it seems everyone has their favorite remedy for getting rid of hiccups.

Even with alternative medicine there are a few excellent remedies to try. So the next time you have the hiccups give one of these methods a try.

* Chew a piece of very dry or charred toast. Make sure you chew the toast very slowly. Try sipping on a glass of water as you slowly walk but continuously, until the hiccups stop.

* Chewing on charcoal tablets have shown to be effective in a number of people to stop the hiccups.

* Chewable papaya enzymes also work well. Continue to chew one papaya tablet every hour until the hiccups stop. For extreme cases, chew on the tablets continuously.

* Acupressure can also be helpful in stopping the hiccups. Place your middle and index fingers behind each of your ear lobes. Apply firm pressure on these tender points for two minutes. At the same time concentrate on breathing slowly and deeply.

* You can also try massaging any painful areas around the vertebrae at the level of the diaphragm.

* Combine tinctures of black cohosh, skullcap, and vervain. Take ten drops of this mixture in a small cup of hot water. Alternate by sipping on a warm infusion of chamomile tea.

* Traditional Chinese medicine has proven very helpful when hiccups have persisted for a number of days.