Do you have really itchy buttocks? Are you far too embarrassed to show your itchy bum to a doctor? Here are some possible common causes and some potential cures for that itchy bottom. Thank goodness you can read this from the privacy of your own computer, heh?!


There are parasites called PIN WORMS which live in your intestines. In the evening, the female pin worm travels down to your rectum area and might lay eggs. These eggs irritate the skin and could be the reason for your itchy bum. Pin worms are surprisingly common and it's remarkable how people have barely heard of them. There are an estimated 40 million cases of pin worms in the United States alone every year. They are not particularly dangerous but the itchiness can drive you nearly insane. And brace yourself. Female pin worms can produce over ten thousand eggs in their lifespan. That's a whole lot of itching. Pinworms are spread when you itchy your bum area and the eggs lodge under your fingernails. Then they might spread to dust, clothes, bedding, toys, cloths...whatever areas you might touch. When someone accidentally eats these eggs, they might become infected too. Kids are often victims since they have a tendency to wash their hands less and also lick everything in sight. If you suspect pin worms, go to your doctor. You will have to provide a stool sample. Once diagnosed, a simple course of medicines will do the trick. Parasites love sugar so you might want to stay away from sugar in your food for about a week so that the parasites cannot survive.

And make sure you wash your hands frequently and that anyone in your household does the same. Give bedding, towels, toys, clothes etc a thorough heated wash.


This is another type of parasite, a type of roundworm. They live in the soil so you might catch them from walking barefoot in soil. The itchiness might spread from the buttocks to your stomach or thigh areas. It might be accompanied by vomiting, cramps, even fever. Again, a stool sample provided to your doctor and you'll know if you have threadworms. From there, a course of medications should clear up the problem within a week or less.


Hemorrhoids or piles as they are more commonly known are swollen blood vessels in and around the bum area. They are basically varicose veins like the ones you might see on people's legs. They are typically caused by straining e.g. if you strain when you go to the toilet, or women can develop them from straining during childbirth. Other common causes of hemorrhoids include chronic constipation and other bowel disorders. The best way to find out if you have piles is to get a mirror (or a really, really close friend) and look at your bum area. If you see skin tags, a bumpy rash or a grape-like bulge, they are mostly hemorrhoids. A mild case of piles might disappear on its own, or you can buy natural remedies that will help get your bowels moving and assist your vascular circulation. But if they get really bad, they can be cut out. This is a painless, fairly common procedure so there is nothing to worry about.


If you have a fungal infection, you need to keep the area dry. There are anti-fungal creams and talcum powders available especially for the job. It's best to consult a doctor or pharmacist to get the right cream for you. Don't forget to maintain excellent hygiene, change your underwear twice a day and try not to itch to lessen the chance of allowing the infection to spread.

An itchy bum might be embarrassing, but it can drive you almost crazy with the itching, not to mention the embarrassment of getting caught having a quick scratch around by your colleague or friends. A quick visit to the doctor and you might have it cured within days and you will wonder why you left it so long.