Having sweaty feet can be embarrassing. This is especially the case if you also suffer from bad foot odour. It isn't nice and can make you feel very uncomfortable. There are some simple straightforward things that you can implement immediately in order to help eliminate this problem.

Once you understand what causes sweaty palms and feet and excessive underarm sweating, you can start working on ways to combat it. There are several remedies that you can buy online that would be perfect solution to help you to stop sweating now.

Here are some simple steps that you can incorporate into your everyday routine and you should notice a difference quite quickly.

Use A Vinegar Bath Solution

An astringent foot bath solution can give your feet a good chemical cleanse. The astringent acts as a detergent to help break down the bacteria that causes the smell. It also has a drying effect so should draw out the sweat effectively and break down the odour.

Avoid Synthetic Shoes

Just as you should always wear cotton socks, you should always invest in shoes made from natural fibres. Wearing shoes made of leather is much better than shoes made from synthetic materials. Excessive sweat builds up in shoes that do not allow the skin to breathe properly as the air can not circulate. This results in producing an awful lingering smell.

Use Talcum Powder To Absorb Sweat

After washing your feet thoroughly you should use foot powder to help remove any residue liquid from your feet. Pay particular attention to the areas between your toes as this is where moisture tends to settle. You should only need a light sprinkling of powder. Look out for the specially medicated brands that are available.

Buy Medicated Shoe Insoles

To combat sweaty feet ruining your shoes, buy insoles to put inside each and every pair you own. Specially formulated shoe insoles for sweaty feet are available and they include active ingredients to help break down the bacteria as soon as it is produced. It will work out far cheaper to remove and replace insoles than to have to buy new pairs of shoes every month.

Take A Look At Your Dietary Habits

Certain foods are known to cause excessive sweating so you should try to cut down or even avoid them in your daily diet. Spicy foods, for example, can have the effect of making you perspire more than usual. You do not have to deny yourself but take a look at what you eat and see where you can make simple but effective changes.

Finding ways to stop sweaty feet could change your life completely. If you are interested in finding out more ways to help your situation, look online for remedies and solutions to help keep sweaty smelly feet at bay.