Here's a quick lesson in how to curl hair with a flat iron. Did you know that your flat iron is good for more than straightening curly of wavy hair? It is and after reading this, you won't have to pay a hairdresser to do it for you ever again. You'll be able to touch up your wavy or curly locks in just a few minutes. You save time and money. How great is that?

Before You Begin
First, there are a few things to keep in mind. - Your hair should be shoulder length, but at the end I'll tell you how to curl hair as short as 4 or 5 inches with a flat iron too.- Wash your hair the night before, so your hair has a chance to build up some natural oil. This will make your curls last longer.- Be sure your hair is dry. Wet hair can burn, and if you do smell burning hair, turn the heat down on your flat iron.- Be careful. Flat iron plates can be very hot and cause bad burns if they come in contact with skin.

Step by Step process for Curling Hair With A Flat Iron

1. Blow dry your hair and use a brush to remove any tangles. If you have a heat protectant for your hair, use it. Place the amount recommended by the maker in the palm of your hand and work it in thoroughly from the root to the tip.

2. Part your hair in the middle. You'll work your hair in sections. When you take sections to curl remember that the more hair you take, the looser the curl will be. Smaller sections will give you tighter curls.

3. Take a section of hair and clamp it in the flat iron as close to your scalp as you can without burning yourself. Next, wrap the loose hair once around the iron making sure that you go back under the iron, not over the top. Now turn the flat iron one full turn winding your hair around it. You can either go toward you or away depending on the way you want your new curls to turn.

4. Now pull the flat iron away from your head allowing the hair to slip through it. To get better definition of your curls, pull the flat iron along the hair slower. For less definition go faster. Voila! Beautiful new curls or waves. It gets easier with practice, and you'll have it down in no time at all.

Special Short Hair Method
For hair as short as 4 or 5 inches, don't wrap the hair around the flat iron. Simply clamp the hair in small sections of 1 by 1/2 inches and angle the iron so that it is level with your head. Then just pull it through your hair, the same way you would pull a ribbon through scissors to curl a ribbon. It's a quick and easy method. Pulling it through fast gives tight curls.
See, you can save money and time and realize the satisfaction of using a new skill as your own hairdresser. Your friends are going to be so jealous of your new skills now that you know how to curl hair with a flat iron.