The “How To” Curly Hair Guide for those with naturally curly hair who have struggled day after day with frizzy, unmanageable tresses.

Once upon a time, it took me at least an hour every morning to style my hair. Very methodically, once my hair was washed, and dried with a blow drier and round brush, I’d straighten my naturally curly hair with a flat iron. Over time this took a major toll to my curls and I was left with a ball of frizz sitting on top of my head.

Then one day, I was in a book store and came across Lorainne Massey’s book, “Curly Girl” and my life was forever changed. No longer do I hide my hair in ponytails and straightening products, and worry if I get caught in the rain. I have learned how to manage my naturally curly hair, come rain or come shine (literally) and you can to! Plus, it’s super easy, and affordable.

Curly Washing
If you have naturally curly hair, stop washing it with shampoo! Stop now. Shampoo contains sulfates, which are overly drying to naturally curly hair. Instead, find a conditioner to “co-wash” your hair. When looking for a conditioner, find one that contains no ingredients that end in “-cone” (like dimethicone) as these are not water soluble ingredients, and will not work for the curly girl method. Great examples of products to use are Devacare’s One Condition, or Suave Naturals conditioner.

In order to correctly “co-wash,” you will need to use two relatively big blobs of your chosen conditioner. While in the shower, wet your hair, but don’t scrub it, just let the water gently wet your curls. Then, take your first blob of conditioner, and massage your scalp with it in circles. Use the pads of your fingers, and not your nails. Doing this loosens any dirt around the scalp and will keep your hair smelling fresh. Rinse. Take your second blob of conditioner, and this time, run it through your curls. The goal here is to remove any knots or loose hair from your curly tresses. You may even want to use a comb at this point. Continue to comb through your hair until no knots can be found, and your curly hair feels like silk. Rinse

Curly Drying
Once you have completed your shower, you’ll need to get the excess water from your hair. In order to towel dry your hair, you can use a bar towel, microfiber towel, or even a few paper towels. These towels will help keep the frizz to a minimum, as curly hair does not stick to these, as it does with a regular bath towel. Flip your head upside down and gently scrunch out the water.

Curly Styling
The last step is of course, styling. For this step you will need to use a clear gel, free of all “-cones” as mentioned previously, in order to be able to wash the product out later with your new method. Flip your head over, so your hair hangs in front of you, and use a large amount of gel to scrunch into your hair. Be gentle and don’t pull. However, be sure to use enough gel that you can really hear it scrunching into your natural curly hair.  For me, I use about ¼ a cup, but this will vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair. From here, you can either air dry your hair, or if you choose to blow it dry, be sure to use a diffuser. Once it is dry, your hair will have a "cast" on it, and feel very crunchy and hard. All you need to do now, is scrunch out the crunch! That's it!

If you follow these tips, you can be sure to have beautiful curly hair, with minimal maintenance. Your curls will be shinier and healither than ever before and you will finally be able to embrace your naturally curly hair! For more tips, check out