This guide explains how to cut men's hair using electric clippers.  Here you will learn how to cut your own hair without any assistance.  This is a great skill to learn so you can save money and time by not going to a salon to get your hair cut every month.  We will go over what equipment you need, how to cut your hair, and how to clean up.  It is really quite simple once you learn how to do it.  This guide will teach you all you need to know. 

What Tools You Will Need

Electric Clippers - This is the buzzer that cuts the hair.  It usually comes with a range of guard settings from 1 to 8, 1 being the closest and 8 being the longest.  Clippers can be either plug in, or wireless with the use of rechargeable battery.  The kind with the cord is reliable and doesn't need to be charged, but the wireless kind offers more freedom and the cord doesn't get in the way.  You can find clippers in stores such as Target, Walmart, and other general merchandise stores.  The cost is reasonable.  Expect to pay between $20 and $50 for a set. 

Scissors - You will want to have a pair of scissors to accompany the clippers.  These are used to touch up around the edges and clip stray hairs that the clippers may miss along the way.  Many clipper sets will come with a pair of scissors specifically used for cutting hair. 

Mirrors - It is recommended that you have a regular vanity mirror, such as the ones found in bathrooms, as well as a handheld mirror.  You can use the handheld mirror with the mirror on the wall to see the back of your head and make sure the hair looks good.

Cutting Hair With Clippers

Getting Started and Cutting the Hair

To begin, you will want a clear space, usually a bathroom with a tile floor.  Move any rugs out of the way so when the hair falls to the ground, it will be easy to clean up. Remove articles of clothing such as shirts so they do not get hair all over them. 

Decide what length you want to cut your hair.  If you choose an 8 guard, it will be about one inch in length.  If you choose a 1 guard, it will be very close to the scalp, but not clean shaven.  You can use the clippers without the guard if you want to cut it as close as possible. 

Once you have picked out a setting, begin to cut the hair.  You may want to lean forward while you are doing this so the hair falls to the ground and not on your shoulders.  It doesn't matter where you start, just make sure that you go over all the areas of the head.  You will be able to tell when the clippers are cutting and when everything has been cut in that area. 

You can make some areas different lengths and blend them.  This can be done by gradually changing the guard setting.  For example, you could do 7 on top, 5 around the sides, and 3 at the bottom in order to get a faded look.  Blending is not very difficult, just try to keep it even and make a gradual change in the length. 

Brush off any excess hair and check how it looks using the mirrors.  Use the scissors to trim around the edges and get any hairs that are sticking out. 

Cleaning Up

Once you are done, you will need to clean up the hair.  Try to put it all into a pile either with a broom, or a tissue.  Pick up the hair and put it in the garbage.  It will be almost impossible to get up all the hair manually, so you will want to go over the floor with a handheld vacuum brush when you are done. 

Clean off the clippers by wiping off the hair using a tissue.  Clean off the guard settings using water and soap.  Let them dry before putting them away. 


Take a shower after you are done to wash off the loose hairs that are on your head and body.  After the shower, dry your hair and check the length again.  Use a scissor to do any touch ups that may be needed. 

Be carefull not to over heat the clippers.  If you use them too long, the device will get hot and may stop working.  If this happens, let it cool down fore starting again. 

Keep the clippers oiled so they run smoothly.  There should be a small thing of oil that comes with the hair cutters that you can use to lubricate the blades. 

Hair Cutting Set