If you and your friends ex girlfriend have feelings for each other, and want to date, then there are steps you need to take to avoid ruining your relationship with your friend. This article will guide you on how to date your friend's ex girlfriend.

Things You Will Need

To follow the steps listed in this article on how to date your friends ex girlfriend.

Step 1

ex The first step to dating your friend's ex girlfriend is to wait until the feelings have cooled down(and preferably when he has started dating other people). If you try and approach this subject too early the results are probably not going to be good. So if you and your friends ex girlfriend are interested in each other and spending time together that is fine, but do not tell him(or make it public) until he has started dating other people.

Step 2

The second step to dating your friends ex girlfriend is to say the right things when you do tell your friend. Make sure you two are alone when you tell him(you do not want an audience around because they he may feel pressure to act a certain way regarding the news). You need to tell your friend that you did not plan this(very important to say this) and that this in no way affects your feelings towards your friendship. You will want to explain to him that you want him to be happy and you know that he would want the same for you.

Step 3

dating ex girlfriend The third step to dating your friends ex girlfriend is to bring up an example of a time where he dated someone's ex girlfriend. If he has done this than you can ask him, "You dated(insert woman's name), did you do it to hurt(insert friend's name)"? When you ask this question your friend is almost certainly going to respond that he did not date that woman to hurt his friend and he did not plan it. Once he says this then you will say, "It is the same thing, I didn't plan this, and I am not doing this to hurt you. If your friend says he has never dated a friend's ex girlfriend then bring up a mutual friend who has done this and use the example listed above to reason with your friend. Array

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