Do you have a pile of magazines collecting dust? Want to know how to declutter your magazines?

This is a bit harder than clearing clutter from the house, this is a project all by itself, but it can be done.

The first thing you need are some supplies. Go to the office supply store or even the office supply section of Wal-Mart. Get yourself a binder, some dividing pages and plastic page covers. You may also need a 3 hole punch, if you don't use page protectors.

If you have different interests, then you are going to need a binder for each interest. Example: Craft projects and patterns, or Recipes or whatever you like to read about in these magazines.

How to Declutter Your Magazines - As you have probably figured out by now, the idea is organizing clutter such as your magazines and only keep the parts that interest you. Don't panic, as this can be a project you work on a bit each day. You can allow 15 minutes to 1/2 hour before you get fed up with the project. Whatever you feel you can manage.

This is best done by you though, rather than trying to farm it out to your spouse or kids, you know what you like in these magazines. But you will have to get ruthless. You don't need everything. There is a lot of advertising and pictures you just don't need. So, don't get sidetracked reading other pages that are not really of interest to you.

How to Declutter Magazines For You - Now get your binder set up and take maybe 3 magazines, sit at the table and simply go through them quickly page by page. There must have been a reason you kept the magazine in the first place. Unless you just throw them on the table afterwards anyways, but more likely you remember a pattern or something you thought you might like to keep.

Now once you find your page, take a small knife and slice the page as close to the binding as possible. Rather than tearing them out, which does not give you a good edge, and looks messy. If you can pull the magazine apart, then this works too, but I find by using a knife really close to the binding works well too.

How to Declutter Magazines by Protecting Pages - Now take your 3 hole punch and punch holes for your binder, or if you have purchased page projectors, you just have to put your page in there as they already have the holes in them. This actually might be the better way, otherwise you may be putting holes in the printed part of your page. don't forget to include any pictures needed for the project.

Now go through the rest of the magazine quickly and then toss it in a recycling pile. Start on your next magazine. Before you know it you will have gone through the magazines you started with. If this didn't take you to long, then get a couple more and do the same again. Otherwise call it a day, and start again the next day. This is a less stressful way, it doesn't take up all your evening and you have made a start on de-cluttering your magazines.

How to Declutter Magazines and Make Room on the Shelves - My hubby had a bookcase just jammed with tech magazines. They went everywhere we moved, and when I was putting them on the shelf, I asked if he ever read them, and he admitted he would like to, because each one had at least one good article in them. But to start hauling them off the shelf and look for it, was not happening. So, over the course of a month, he managed to pare down these magazines and he created a binder that was divided into tech sections. So now he could just look up the article in the binder.

Organizing Clutter - You don't have to be that detailed if you don't want. Although once you have your magazines articles in the binder, you could get a crafty teen to make a great title page and some colourful section pages.

You will be really happy with the result. Not only will your house be much cleaner, you will have articles, patterns and recipes that you can truly use. They will be easy to look up. That is the fun part of going through these magazines and organizing your clutter into readable binders.

Another thing you can do, is make note of any website that may pertain to the projects you are saving. Sometimes there are offers for more patterns. Or if you are really feeling organized, you can do that right away, and print off anything that pertained to your project and add it to your section.

When it comes to decluttering magazines is not as tedious as it may sound. It is a special project all by itself. But once it is done, you will have clean bookshelf or coffee table, or maybe you will see more of your floor!

Keep this project as its own, don't try to do this as well as organizing your house. Or you will get stressed. When you are done you will have a great binder or binders filled with organized patterns, recipes or articles. This way you can reference them anytime without trying to find the right magazines. Allow yourself plenty of time for this project, but try and at least cover 3 magazines at a time.

How to Declutter Magazines - Then take the cut up magazines out to your recycling box right away. Many times I have got magazines in the mail, and will read 2 or 3 articles, but really there is only one that I would like to keep. So try and stay focused on what article or pattern is important to you. If it is something you are never likely to do, then don't cut it out. You don't want the binders overflowing either!

Try and come up with sections in your binders too, this makes it easier to find the materials you are looking for. I personally like using the page protectors. I know they are extra money, but they are clear plastic, that keeps the pages looking good, especially if you are likely to flip through this binder a lot.

Now that you know how to declutter magazines, you can start with magazines that were sitting around collecting dust, start doing it to any new ones after you have read them. If you get into the habit of this, you will not stockpile magazines and add to the clutter in your house.

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