messy roommate

At some point or another in your life, chances are that you will have a roommate. Depending on where you go to college, you may be randomly assigned a roommate or you may be lucky enough to choose who you live with. Even if you get to choose, however, that does not mean that you will end up with a great roommate. Everyone makes mistakes and through no fault of your own you may end up with a bad roommate. Maybe they are dirty, eat your food, borrow your stuff without asking or you simply don’t get along. No matter what the problem is, you should not give up hope as there are several things you can do to help you deal with a bad roommate.

Don’t Start A Fight

If you get annoyed with your roommate or if they are borrowing your stuff without asking, it is tempting to get in some sort of fight with them. This can be verbal, physical or a simple act of revenge such as sabotaging the food you know they will steal. Despite the temptation, try your best to resist doing this as it will only make things worse. This is a good way to make sure that not only are you upset with them, but they will be angry with you as well. Even worse, a fight could quickly escalate out of control leaving you unwilling to go home.

Try To Talk

Instead of fighting, the most important thing to do is to try to talk out your problems. Sit down with your roommate and discuss what you would like to change, but remember to go into your conversation with an open mind. Your roommate may explain even the weirdest or most annoying behavior. Make sure that both of you are able to talk and be as honest as possible. This is the time to not only explain what your problems with each other are, but set up solutions as well, such as cleaning schedule if a dirty apartment is the problem.

Remember It’s Not Forever

If you just can’t seem to resolve your issues with your roommate, that doesn’t mean you have will always feel miserable. If you are in a college dorm, you can talk to the person in charge of housing and see about changing roommates. If you are in an apartment and have already signed a lease, you could always try sub-leasing the place. There are always solutions and even if you can’t get out of the situation, remember that it won’t last forever. If it helps, you can even make a countdown of the days left until you (or your roommate) move out.

Find Some Space

If you and your roommate can’t resolve the issues and there is no possibility of either of you moving out, you still have some options to help you deal in the meantime. One of the best ideas is to try to find some space that you can go to relax. You can use your bedroom, but if you have serious roommate problems, try finding a space outside of the apartment such as a nearby park, library or even museum. When you feel that you just can’t be around your roommate anymore, simply head to this space to calm down a bit.

Stay Positive

If you have a bad roommate experience, don’t be discouraged. That does not mean that there is anything wrong with you; you were simply living with someone who didn’t work out. Maybe you had different personalities or living styles. Maybe your roommate just wasn’t willing to compromise. No matter what the problem was, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a roommate in the future. It just means you might want to avoid someone with a similar personality to the bad roommate.