Most of us have had to deal with a bully at one time or another in our lives. You can remember being terrified just to walk home after school or trying to navigate your way through school so you didn't run into your nemesis. Today, bullying has taken a more serious form. There have been incidences of kids bringing guns and other weapons to school and even going as far as hurting or killing themselves because of bullying. Bullying must be stopped! If you are person who suffers from being bullied, then read on to learn tips that will put an end to you being bullied.

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The easiest thing you can and your first line of defense is to try and ignore it. Who knows, it may be just the person trying to get attention or to show how bad they are. If you don't give them any attention what so ever, then they may grow tired of bullying you and leave you alone. They may seem grow bored and find another person to start bullying. I always say this saying to myself and it seems to work fine for the most part: "Ignore It And It Will Go Away." Utilize it!

Try hanging out with a group of people most of the time if possible. A person who is known for bullying may be less likely to try and pick on you or act negative towards you, if you are with a group of people. It may be just enough to intimidate that person into leaving you alone. If you are in a group, then the group may actually shun the bully and frown on him or her for even trying to bully you. A group can be more influential than just one person in some cases.


Try seeking help from somebody else if the bullying persists. Enlist the help of someone like a teacher, a peer mediator, or your a boss to help you solve your problem and deal with the person. If someone who has some influence and control over the bully confronts them then this may get the bully off of your back.

When all else fails, consider retaliating and confronting the person. Don't let up, even if you they physically attack you. You have to be persistent and get to the bottom of why they are constantly bullying and bothering you. Who knows, they may not find you such an attractive targ you after you confront them and demand them to leave you alone.

Stand up for yourself. If you have to physically fight them back in order to make them stop bothering you or play their own game, then so be it. Even if you have to enlist the help of law enforcement to get a bully off your back then by all means do so.

In conclusion, these tips will help you deal with a bully and stop the nonsense. No one deserves to be bullied. Good Luck!