Final Exam Stress
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Quizzes and short exams are already stressful enough for any student especially when faced with final exams. Final exams are often dreaded by most as it usually determines a pass or fail for a subject. Although it is a common stressful time to almost everyone, we don’t have to panic like it’s the end of the universe. Panicking will not help anyone pass exams. Being organized is the key to success in this matter. Here are a few practical tips on how to deal with final exam stress.

Be Organized

Prepare all your exams must-haves beforehand. If you have a test early in the morning, make sure to set aside all the necessary things for your exam like your identity cards, watch, pens, stationery, etc. Finding these things minutes before your test will just stress and wear you out, and can lead to disaster.

Good Diet

Maintain a good diet by eating foods that produces energy and that are not too heavy. Eating heavily before an exam might make you sleepy and can cause for you to lose focus. The same can be said with going to an exam with an empty stomach since there is a high chance that you’ll lose concentration while taking your tests. Eat foods with protein, as well as fruits, to get enough energy to last the day. Drink lots of water as well. Bring a bottle of water in your exam, if possible, especially if the tests lasts for a few hours.

Chill and Relax

At least an hour before the tests are administered, make sure to relax. Don’t do reviews on the last minute as it will just stress you out more. Cramming will cause your brain to work harder and by the time you need to use your brain for the exam it is already exhausted. If you want to go over your notes a few minutes before your test, go through the outline and try to remember your lessons in an organized manner.  

Make a Plan

Once the exam starts, read the instructions and questions thoroughly. By going through the paper in an organized manner, you will be able to make a quick plan on how to answer the questions. Allocate a specific amount of minutes on each question so that you can manage your time well. Answer all the questions that you are positively sure of first. You’ll slowly build up confidence along the way by doing it this way. It will also make the brain work better.  

Triple Check

It is extremely important to also allocate time to triple check your answers. Allocate the last 10 to 15 minutes of your test to review the answers and recheck them for any faults. This way you will be able to correct anything that you might have missed on the first and the second review.

Let Go

Once the exam is over, let it go. Don’t worry about it anymore and don’t waste any minute discussing it with your classmates. Knowing that your friend might be right on a question that you were not sure of will just add more stress to you. Don’t waste any more energy to something that’s already done. Instead, think of some other ways to improve on your next final exam, and how to manage your time for reviewing better.

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A lot more things can be done to effectively handle stress caused by final exams, but what’s most important is that you don’t overwork your mind. Stress and exhaustion have never been a good combination, so relax and think positively when preparing and taking your final exams. 

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