When you decide to travel on an airplane you need to make sure that your trip is as enjoyable and gas free as possible. Having gas is natural but is not only uncomfortable but very embarrassing when you are in the air flying. You can not roll the window down and there is no where to hide. Unless you have a baby with a dirty diaper sitting next to you there is no way to hide the fact that it is you that has gas.

Having gas is frowned upon even if you are sitting in the first class section. In order to avoid having gas while flying there are many things you can do. You can digest a product such as Beano or GasX. It is also highly advisable that you do not indulge in foods such as chili 24-72 hours prior to takeoff.

Airplane WindowIf you are on the other side of the aisle and you do not have gas but someone sitting near to you has gas then you may be very uncomfortable. If the gas they have is simply noisy and has no aroma then your problem may be giggling or laughing. Many people may get offended or embarrassed if your are laughing every time they expel air while flying in the air. If you find yourself unable to remain quiet then pack a comic book. When they expel gas you can pretend to be reading and laughing at your comic book.

A bigger problem is if someone sitting near you has noxious odors emitted when they expel gas. Gas expelled with a noxious odor may or may not be audible. IF the gas is not audible then the stench and aroma will sneak upon you and cause you to possibly gag. Dry heaves are not uncommon in extreme situations.

If a person sitting near you on an airplane has gas that not only has a bad stench but also is audible then you may wish to request that the person be moved for medical reasons. You may experience uncontrolled laughter followed by gagging reflexes as the gas aroma nears you. If the aroma of the gas is extremely bad then you may not laugh at all regardless of how funny you may normally find it.

If you are the one with gas it is considered polite for you to stand up and walk too the bathroom at the rear of the plane to emit your gas. If you do walk to the back of the plane to the lavatory to emit your gas you need to be extremely careful that your gas does not slip out as you are walking. If it does you will invoke the aroma of your gas not only on the people sitting near you but everybody that you walk by.

Having gas on an airplane may or may bot be a laughing manner. If you do decide to fly on an airplane it is imperative for you to protect the other passengers by attempting to prevent gas emittance by any means necessary. Image Credit: (Flickr/Contraption)